Dafna, a young single woman from New York, excitedly prepared for her first date with Zakir, a man she met on the Hinge dating app. Upon meeting him, she was pleasantly surprised to find that he resembled his online profile pictures. Dafna’s optimism, however, was short-lived as Zakir committed a “dismal” faux pas during their date, which left her questioning her decision to even be there.

As the server approached their table to take their orders, Dafna opted for a Branzino, while Zakir chose a burger. The real issue arose when Zakir refused to pay the additional three dollars for cheese on his burger, launching a complaint that left Dafna feeling utterly disillusioned.

In a video statement, Dafna recounted Zakir’s lament, saying, “He complained about having to pay for everything these days.” She couldn’t help but wonder, “Why am I doing this to myself? I thought things were going well.”

Determined to end the date quickly, Dafna devoured her meal as soon as it arrived, feigning a trip to the restroom to freshen up. In reality, she approached the server, settled their $55 bill, and sent Zakir a text message informing him that the bill was taken care of and that he should have ordered the cheese. After sending the message, Dafna promptly blocked Zakir’s number, adding, “It’s New York. Of course, things are expensive.”

When Dafna’s video went viral on TikTok, Zakir became aware that he was being ridiculed and decided to respond. In a “stitch” video, he defended his decision not to pay extra for the cheese, stating, “I had the intention of paying $21 for a burger – so adding $3 was not worth it. So, thank you for paying for dinner, and bye-bye!”

The video exchange between the two, now known as “cheese girl” and “cheese guy,” has sparked a heated debate among viewers.

One woman commented, “It’s not about how much the cheese cost. It’s about why you are complaining about it on your first date.” Another person chimed in, “You’re amazing. That’s also what I would have done. Complaining about money on a first date is a huge turn-off.”

However, there were those who sided with Zakir, arguing that the additional $3 for cheese was indeed “ridiculous.” One supporter said, “He just decided the cheese wasn’t worth it. I don’t see the problem in that.” Another added, “I guess something is wrong with me because $3 for cheese on a burger is crazy.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

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