A Texas college student “permanently and catastrophically deformed” after losing “much of her face below her eyes” after being mauled by two dogs while dog-sitting for a Dallas doctor and his wife.

The University of Texas at Dallas student Jacqueline Durand, 22, was hired by Dr. Justin and Ashley Bishop on December 23 to dog-sit for them while they were on vacation.

Durand was just a day away from turning 22 when the horrific incident happened on December 23 last year.

Jacqueline Durand’s face was nearly erased one day before her 22nd birthday. (Credit: CBS News)

When Durand visited the house, the dogs were not confined to their kennels as they had promised they would be. Upon entering her home, Durand was allegedly attacked by Lucy, a German shepherd mix, and Bender, a pit bull mix, according to Durand’s legal representation.

The complaint, filed by attorney Chip Brooker, describes the vicious attack in graphic detail:

“As soon as Jacqueline opened the front door—without provocation—the Dogs, who the Bishops had left out of their kennels, pushed the door open and brutally attacked Jacqueline.”

“The Dogs knocked Jacqueline off balance, causing her to fall and drop her cell phone. Then, the Dogs violently attacked her head and face—mauling her catastrophically. The Dogs were so violent and blood thirsty that they pulled all of Jacqueline’s clothes off, including her blue jeans. The Dogs tore off and ate both of Jacqueline’s ears, her nose, her lips, and most of her face below her eyes. In their prolonged attack, the Dogs left puncture wounds over most of her entire body. When she was finally pulled out of the house, Jacqueline was taken immediately to a Level 1 trauma center where she has since undergone multiple surgeries.”

The complaint describes the dogs as being in a “bloodthirsty frenzy” during their attack on Durand, and that the attack “narrowly [missed] her carotid artery.”

“I thought I was going to die,” she told CBS News.

Thirty-seven minutes passed from the time police arrived to when first responders felt safe going into the house. Police body camera footage shows the dogs holding first responders at bay, leaving Durand agonizing for help.

A medic eventually rescued Durand and ran out with her. She was rushed to Medical City Plano hospital in grave condition, having lost almost 30% of her blood.

According to reports, Durand’s father John also slammed the dogs’ owners. He said, “We really learn in life that incidents can be prevented when there’s some forethought. This is a terrible tragedy and I know the homeowners feel terrible, but this absolutely did not have to happen and that’s probably the feeling and this could have been prevented.”

Besides, Durand, who has to undergo several surgeries to restore her appearance, has sued the Bishops for $1 million. Her lawyer Chip Brooker mentioned the warning the Bishops had put on their door that read,

“Crazy Dogs. Please Don’t Knock or Ring the Bell. Call or Text Instead” to CBS Mornings. He said, “The warning on the door suggests that the Bishops knew that both of these dogs have acted aggressively to people arriving at the front door.” Brooker also claimed that while referring to the expert team’s results that the animals “were dangerous and had vicious propensities.” “We suspect the Bishops knew that. We suspect everybody who came across these dogs, particularly Lucy, knew that,” he added.

According to CBS News, Durand was released from the hospital a week later, receiving applause from her doctors and nurses. Outside of her house, the first responders who saved her life gave her a champion’s welcome. Her boyfriend, 24-year-old Nathan, who stood by her side, was there, too.

“Durand wants to be seen not as a victim, but as an example. That’s perhaps why she didn’t hide her scarred body, which shows the more than 800 bites she endured,” the outlet noted.


In addition to the love from her family is that from Nathan, who Durand has dated for three years (Credit: CBS News)

Watch the video report below for more details (Warning: Graphic):

Source: CBSnews

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