While you cannot guarantee that people in charge are going to be honest with us all of the time, you would like to think that they are not going to be crooked all of the time either.

You have to understand that when it comes to the First Family, we need them to be as honest as possible with us. If they are not going to do that then they have no business being in charge of the country at the present moment.

Joe Biden is someone that definitely needs to get his family under control, otherwise, they are going to end up getting him in a great deal of trouble.

Emerging details strongly suggest that China owns 100% of Hunter Biden and a big chunk of Joe too. Now that Imperial Leader Biden has been installed as the New World Order’s overseer of North Central America, his cracked up son is back in the news. It seems that he still owns 10% of Chinese firm BHR Partners, which “manages the equivalent of $2.1 billion in assets.”

Isn’t it funny how Hunter Biden seems to have vanished from the network news. Now that we live in a post-constitutional open society where the rules are whatever the Democrats say they are, all it takes is a leak to the media with some disinformation and scandals miraculously vanish in the swamp.

In December, with the Democrat’s Occupy the White House campaign in full swing, the media tried to distance the Biden family from their Chinese overlords.

Multiple reports citing “an unnamed source” familiar “with Hunter Biden and his business dealings” promised that “he was divesting his position in the company.”

A recent check of the Chinese version of Google reveals that the younger Biden still gets a 10% cut.

Publicly available business records in China indicate that Hunter didn’t unload his share of the company as promised.

As of Wednesday, Daily Caller reports, Biden’s U.S. company Skaneateles LLC “continues to hold his equity stake.” They got the data from “business records on Chinese corporations based on China’s National Credit Information Publicity System.”

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