The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett is going to probably be one of the most important SCOTUS confirmations that any of us can remember, because of the fact that it is going to be the thing that allows the nation to finally have a fair shake instead of liberal lawless.

We need to have eople that are willing to play it completely fair, which is something the Democratic Party just doesn’t want.

One would think that this would be a no brainer, the fact that it is even being contested makes me question the aims of the Democrat party, as well as who they represent.  Why on Earth should non citizens be counted in the US census?  The census determines how, not just the representation in Congress, but it ultimately controls how trillions of American citizens’ tax dollars are spent.

Why bother even having a country if non citizens are going to be counted among Americans?  This is just another move by the left to try and drag America down to the level of other 3rd world nations, in order to conquer it.  This also highlights why the Amy Coney Barrett nomination is so important …

[Opinion]. The US Supreme Court on Friday agreed to listen to oral arguments over President Donald Trump’s effort to exclude illegal immigrants from the population totals used to allocate congressional districts to states.

The court, likely to soon have a 5-4 conservative majority if the Republican-controlled Senate confirms Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett, will hear the case on November 30.  Remember, Chief Justice Roberts has nested in with the liberals on the Court.

The challengers to Trump’s directive made back in July, including states led by New York, cities, counties and immigrant rights groups, said it could leave several million people uncounted and likely cause California, Texas and New Jersey to lose seats in the US House of Representatives.  Well, boo hoo, they are not supposed to be here.  Why are immigrant rights groups involved in this at all?  We know that the overwhelming majority of their concerns are for illegal aliens, which are always conflated with legal immigrants.  Legal immigrants are wonderful.  Illegal aliens are criminals and should be deported.

Trump “seeks to reallocate political power among the states and to weaken the political influence of states with larger populations of undocumented immigrants,” the challengers stated in their court filing.

How come no one ever points out the elephant in the room, no pun intended?  Democrat-run states want illegal aliens counted, because the amount of people listed as living in their states, get more money for the numbers.  Grants from the federal government are based on the population number, and those grants are supposed to be used for American citizens.  What the Democrats want is to increase their numbers, so that the amount of funding in grants increases, but they are doing it at the expense of illegal aliens/  It’s not only morally wrong, but it could be considered fraud.

They alleged the policy could additionally deter people from participating in the census and argue that it violates both the Constitution and the Census Act, a federal law that outlines how the census is conducted.  Liberals love to use the Constitution when it serves their purposes.  Otherwise, they hate it.

Don’t forget that a three-judge panel ruled against the administration back in September.

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  1. Warren

    Will soon be a 5 to 4 Conservative majority? Isn’t it now a 5 to 3 Conservative majority ? (Roberts, Alito, Gorsch, Kavanaugh, Thomas)>(Kagan, Breyer, Sotomeyer)? Won’t it soon be a 6 to 3 Conservative majority? (Roberts, Alito, Gorsch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Barrett)>(Kagan, Breyer, Sotomeyer)?

    What the hell are you worried about? What more do you want?

    • Original Anna

      Warren: Roberts unfortunately votes with the democrats on the Supreme Court. It’s too bad he can’t be removed and replaced with a true republican. Alito and Gorsch have also gone with the democrats a couple of times on some serious decisions that many people felt went against what is written in the Constitution. You can’t control how people vote unless the person is a democrat who always stay true to the view point of democrats. Republican appointments, not so much, there have been disappointments. How do you think abortion was a yes, the illegals Obama gave legitimacy to daca that is in the courts right now, etc.,etc.

      • Rattlerjake

        Gorsuch and Kavanah did NOT side with the left. Their decision was based on the wording of the case. Name the decision that they made that was against the Constitution.

  2. Herrmann Glockler

    How about a 9 : 0 , there should not be a Liberal vs Conservative opposition, but a Legal vs, Illegal situation.

    If you are here illegally here, you shounld not be alowed to vote.

    I came to this great nation “LEGALLY”, but could NOT vote until I gained my citizenship

    • Rattlerjake

      You are correct. Currently “We the People” are in direct violation of the Constitution for allowing leftists to hold office. The Oath of office specifically states that the oath taker pledges to support and defend the Constitution, which leftist ideology doesn’t do!
      Those who constantly push for term limits don’t understand that term limits will NOT stop leftists from holding office, it will just rotate other leftists in. What we need is an amendment that calls for the immediate removal and ban from all future government service, of anyone who creates or supports unconstitutional legislation, that includes all three branches of government. It should also mandate that ALL legislation be reviewed by the SCOTUS before being enacted and enforced. Within 1 or 2 years all leftists would be purged from our government.


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