If the pc police were an actual business, they’d be pulling down millions like Bernie Madoff.

The radical Left has infected public education like we’ve never seen before, and because of it, students in Tennessee are now being taught that ‘Allah is the only God.’

I wish I could say “Bazinga!” right about now.

From Truth Revolt:

Parents at a middle school in Spring Hill, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, are upset that their children have spent three weeks studying Islam and were assigned to write the Shahada profession of the Islamic faith: “Allah is the only god.” Making the situation worse, parents said the teacher skipped over the section on Christianity.

Though the parents understand that a thorough study of history will undoubtedly cover religions from all over the world, they don’t understand why so much time is being spent on this one. Plus, the class is delving into learning the specifics of the Five Pillars of Islam and thus causing parents to wonder if that constitutes teaching religion in schools.

“From a religion point of view, if the schools are going to be teaching religion in history, they need to teach them all equally,” parent Brandee Porterfield told The Columbia Daily Herald. “For them to spend three weeks on Islam after having skipped Christianity, it seems to be that they are making a choice about which religion to discuss.”

Another parent, Joy Ellis, said she was aware her child was studying Islam but as far as having to write the Shahada, she said, “To me, a Christian child should not be made to write that.”

“I honestly don’t want my child learning about Islam at all, but if they’ve got to learn about it, I would like for them to learn about the historical aspects of it and definitely nothing about the religion. I don’t want her writing ‘Allah is the only god,’” Ellis added.

But according to school officials, the class is just following Tennessee state standards adopted by Gov. Bill Haslem. Though he signed a bill against Common Core in May, the new TN Core standards are said to be very similar to the controversial curriculum.


Learning about all religions is great and all, but we are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Don’t just skip over an entire section on Christianity when America is 70-plus percent Christian!

This is merely a stunt by the district to discredit Christ in order to be more “sensitive” to liberal elitists, and it’s sickening.

Shouldn’t these kids be learning about radical Islam? You know, about the men and women overseas who behead gays and crucify all non-Christians?

This isn’t about being diverse and expanding the minds of kids as much as it’s an attempt to indoctrinate future generations into believing that the United States is evil because of her past.

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  1. MikefromTexas

    We need more teachers like her! Damn, take her out and whip her. More and more each day I’am starting to be more pissed. Send all these idiots to iraq.

    • Thomas

      Deport ALL MUSLIMS … I don’t care if they are legal in this country… send them packing ! They need to be sent to a shit hole in Africa or the Middle East !

  2. Jon-Q Pubic


    • Julius

      This nonsense happens ONLY BECAUSE We the SHEEPle silently allow same! WHY? Sure wish we cared. Sad, isn’t it!

  3. Original Anna

    Yes, the teachers are so good that they don’t even know that when a Muslim tells a non Muslim to repeat that Allah is the only god at that point the Muslim religion considers just by repeating the prayer makes you a Muslim. I wonder if the parents know that and are wondering if the teachers and school system know that and are now telling the children they are Muslim. During an attack by Muslims and they have captured non Muslims they give the captured a choice, remain as a whatever you are and die or pay a heavy tax and live under Islam as an infidel or say the prayer and become and live as a Muslim. Unfortunately now-a-days the Muslims taking over countries in Africa and in moderate Muslim countries into sharia countries are killing and wiping out whole Christian communities so the Muslims than have the homes, farms and territories and the wives and young kids of the dead Christian men and older kids. And by the way, allah is not the only god, it a combination of names of gods contained in that black box Muslims run around as if on drugs that was made up by Mohammad as he took over pagan countries and destroyed the statues and whatever symbols of the pagan gods of those country. It is a fake name made up by Mohammad. The Jewish and Christian name of God is “I AM.” said by God not by a man who was pissed at the Jews for running him out of towns where when he tried to repeat the Jewish Bible stories he couldn’t get the stories of Jewish history right. Mohammad wanted to be a prophet like the Jewish prophets but just wasn’t up to being a prophet.

    • DRLJR

      The Arabic word “Allah” means “the god” – i.e. “al’ “ilah”. It was used to reference the god Hubal who is associated with the moon and is chief god of a pantheon of around 360 gods and goddesses. Islam is not a religion. It is a theocracy that has been waging non-stop for 1400 years.

    • Dennis Karoleski

      Most are too lazy to read the truth about Islam. Many more are so brainwashed by political correctness they cannot believe the beheading, burning and hanging are done by so-called radicals. When in fact are really being done by the most faithful followers of Allah’s commands.

  4. OMEGA 2


  5. Lobo

    Every American in this country must read the book, ”THE BARBARIANS ARE HERE.” If this doesn’t bother you, better leave America. When these devils get between 14-18 percent, they have taken over. By that, the book explains our government are intimidated by these misfits. Look around in the world. In Germany and Sweden, women are beaten and raped and they get away with it.

  6. James

    Either we don’t teach anything about any religion or we teach equally on all religions.
    If any school, teacher, or administrator is advocating Muslim religion over Christianity then heads must roll. jwstx

  7. DRLJR

    People need to learn what Islam really is – a hostile theocracy that has been waging war for 1400 years. The word “Allah” means “the god”. The word was used to reference the god “Hubal”.

  8. Ron Hopkins

    First off this has been going on for years people. Second Islam is not a religion but a cult. Third Islamic clerics have come right out and said they will use our own laws to subvert our way of life and bring islamic law to America. With the help of the left, which has been rewriting our history and our school books, they will succeed if we let them. America’s three main enemies are 1 the progressive left, 2 China, and 3 Islam. The left is working with both 2 and 3. Get off your ass and call your Reps and Senators. Visit your schools and if you can sit in on your children’s classes, if not find out what they’re teaching. Run for local offices to offset these democratic scum. Vote Republican ( because we have no one else) and let’s get the Constitution back. Nuff said!

  9. Ron Hopkins

    I forgot to add this to my last post. Islam is a cult and not a religion because no religion would tell its followers to kill or make slaves of all who do not convert. Nuff said!


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