I want to tell you all a story that kind of puts what is going on with Biden and his son’s emails into perspective.

When I was eighteen I bought a used car from my mother for fifty dollars. At least that was what we told the DMV. Anyway, the tires on the car were relatively new and she was actually still making payments on them. So, every once in a while she would tell me that she needed me to go do something when I was making other plans, and would then threaten me jokingly by telling me she was going to take the tires off the car since she still owned them.

What she didn’t realize is that one of my friend’s dad was a lawyer and as a joke, I asked him about this and he said in no uncertain terms would she ever be able to do that legally without being arrested. I gave him a dollar, he became my lawyer on this issue and he even drafted a legal letter notifying her as such. The next time this issue came up, I handed her the letter. We all had a good laugh that I had finally got her.

The moral is that there is always a way around something.

After Twitter blocked a bombshell New York Post story on Wednesday alleging to have files from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, Republicans came up with a clever plan to get around the big tech giant’s censoring.

The House Judiciary Committee Republicans on Wednesday republished the New York Post story on their official government website.

If Twitter was going to keep playing this game, the company was going to have to block users from being able to see a government website, which certainly would not be a good look for the social media company that has come under fire on numerous occasions for disproportionately censoring conservative voices over liberal ones.

“Twitter has blocked users from tweeting the link to the @nypost’s story on Hunter Biden. So we put it on our website for you to read and share. Click, share, and RT!” the House Judiciary GOP said from their official Twitter account.

Twitter did indeed temporarily block the link to the government website just as it had to the original New York Post story. So the GOP pivoted.

“Twitter censored our last link! So, we put the article on @Jim_Jordan’s website. Nice try, @jack. But, we won’t stop,” the House Judiciary GOP tweeted.

Now, it appears Twitter is no longer blocking the original link.

The original story from the Post alleges to have information taken from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, that was abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

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