In the heart of an Ohio neighborhood, a grieving father and disabled combat veteran named Thomas DiSario has been honoring his son’s memory by flying a Thin Blue Line flag beneath an American flag in his front yard. Tragically, his son, Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario, was shot and killed while responding to a call at a nursing home.

Since that fateful day, Thomas has been proudly displaying the flag, representing fallen officers, as a tribute to his son. However, a recent complaint has placed him in a difficult position, forcing him to choose between continuing to honor his son’s memory or facing substantial fines.

Thomas Disario (right) lost his son, Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario (left), when he was gunned down by a mass shooter.

For years, the Thin Blue Line flag flew undisturbed in front of Thomas DiSario’s home. But everything changed when he discovered a stranger on his property attempting to remove the memorial flag. Although Thomas called the police, the suspect managed to escape before they arrived. Just two days after this unsettling incident, Thomas received a letter from the Omni Community Association Managers, who demanded that he take down the flag, claiming it was a “political sign” that violated neighborhood rules.

Heartbroken and indignant, Thomas insisted that the flag was not political but solely a representation of his son’s sacrifice. However, David Dye, the association president, argued that Thomas agreed to abide by the community rules when he purchased his home in the area. According to Dye, the restrictions, including the definition of a “political sign,” are detailed in filings with the county recorder.

Despite the association’s ultimatum, Thomas refused to remove the flag within the 10-day deadline and vowed not to pay any fines, instead opting to take the matter to court. He firmly believes that the flag is not political but rather a symbol of his son’s death, a testament to the ultimate sacrifice that his son made in the line of duty. Thomas remains baffled as to why, after all these years, his tribute to his son has suddenly become a contentious issue.

Thomas DiSario

This case has stirred emotions and opinions among the public. Some argue that Thomas should adhere to the rules he agreed upon when buying his home in the community. Others, however, believe that the homeowners association (HOA) has overstepped its bounds by imposing vague rules that can be interpreted subjectively.

As Thomas prepares to fight for his right to honor his son in court, the question remains: should he have to go through such lengths to pay tribute to his son’s memory? Should a grieving father be forced to choose between preserving a symbol of his love and respect for his fallen son or bowing to the will of an association that may be abusing its power?

This situation begs for a deeper reflection on the values we hold dear and the battles we choose to fight in the name of honor, respect, and love.

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Sources: Taphaps, WCMH

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