A die hard Trump supporter is refusing to take down a huge 2020 flag, which they said violates city rules, and even prepared to go to jail.

A massive pro-Trump flag is flying on top of a crane at Jay Johnson‘s construction business in Buffalo. The business owner is a Trump supporter from Minnesota who owned a construction business.

Johnson said that after he put the flag up he received many complaints about flag and even has had his business shot at.

Buffalo, Minnesota authorities said that Johnson is violating city rules being his flag isn’t licensed and will be receiving fines and repercussions if it isn’t licensed.

Johnson said if he is ordered to take it down, he will put it up elsewhere and maybe even buy a bigger flag.
He initially took it down after Trump’s election loss but decided to put it up again last month.

Within hours, windows of his construction vehicles were shot with BB guns, which police are investigating.

At the same time, a Trump merchandise shop in another part of the city was also shot.

“I’m willing to forgive the people that did it,” Johnson said. “They just got to come forward and admit it. I put a reward out.”

But now, Johnson is in violation of the law. Buffalo city ordinance says a sign that big needs to be licensed, which he hasn’t applied for. A city official says they’re determining how to proceed with enforcement.

“I’ll just put it up someplace else, and maybe even a bigger flag,” Johnson said.

He says the flag cost $1,000, and the crane cost $50,000.
“I am prepared to get the fines, ultimately get cuffed, go to jail, whatever,” he said.

The flag made his Neighbours to have mixed feelings every time they leave the house after seeing it.

“It doesn’t really bother me much, it’s just weird seeing it up again,” Patrick Cayanan said. “Like, are they campaigning again for 2024?”

Cody Hulstein believes the flag is divisive and would prefer to see an American flag.

The city says it’s received 100 or so formal comments about the flag, and they’re split about even between positive and negative.

Watch it here: WCCO-CBS/Youtube


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  1. Old wolf

    Sounds to me like the delusional are crying about their pussys hurting cause of a flag. You can burn it , but can’t fly it . go figure

  2. Jesse

    The Owned needs to Sue each person who passed this law for Civil Rights violations. That law requiring a license to fly a flag violates the First Amendment. He should ask for $1 Trillion plus all Court Costs and Legal fees from each of these people. While he would NEVER see a penny it would keep those he sued from finding a Lawyer to take their cases. Until LIBERAL(Democraps) are led accountable for their CRIMES they will keep committing CRIMES against all -Americans.

  3. Jesse

    Democraps with their HATE of all things President Trump and America so it is Natural for them to HATE this Flag. Everyone with a Brain will be voting against Democraps and those who support them like the RINOS and FAKE Republicans come 2022. That is if America survives Pedo Joe and the Ho till then.


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