There is a struggle going on between the liberals and the conservatives and it’s similar to the immigration ban controversy.

Liberals twist the republican’s actions against Sharia law and radical Islam into some “xenophobic,” “anti-Muslim” thing. This is not at all what is going on. Islamic extremism is a real thing, terrorism is a real thing, honor killings are real, Sharia law IS oppression and we should do what we have to, to keep these things out of our Country. This has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia.

If Christians killed anyone who didn’t believe what they believed in then Christians would be the ones we fought against. But it’s the Muslim countries and Sharia law that are spawning these extreme terrorists. And these are the 16 States in America that are doing something about it.

From Viral Liberty:

These states decided to introduce legislations to ban any kind of Islamic Law.

• Alabama (two bills)
• Arkansas
• Florida (two bills)
• Indiana (two bills)
• Iowa
• Kentucky
• Mississippi (four bills)
• Missouri (two bills)
• North Carolina
• Oklahoma (seven bills)
• South Carolina (two bills)
• Texas (six bills)
• Virginia
• Washington
• West Virginia
• Wyoming (two bills)

Democrats claim that these bills are infringing upon Muslim’s “religious freedom” but they’re going a little far when religious freedom includes killing innocent people and oppressing women.

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  1. Dennis Karoleski

    Too bad New Hampshire and the entire Eastern Seaboard isn’t unpatriotic enough to stand up for America and also do the right thing.

  2. Mary Sale

    Yes i r is already supposed to be federally illegal. But if all 50 states making it illegal is what it takes, then it will have do be done really soon. Because the more power they get the harder it will be to stop them.

    • Rattlerjake

      Leftist controlled states won’t do tis, and any of the other states that make this a law will simply get rid of the law when the state switches sides. Sharia law is already illegal under the Constitution, and most of our leaders refuse to enforce that.

  3. jim Nash

    Since I poor folks in Michigan have a very large Muslim community based in Dearborn and also one of the most incompetent and corrupt governors, we will be the last state to ban Shariah. It should be a Federal government mandate as it is totally anti the US constitution.

  4. Robert

    When we have a Constitution which some to want to disregard the parts which do not suit them. Now the Constitution I spent 26 years to defend so that the people could live under that Constitution say that this is a Country of FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR NO RELIGION, and some want to ban those that they do not agree with, I can see why the founders never wanted Christianity in this new nation, exactly why they put in the Bill of Right that Freedom of Religion Amendment. Saying since the beginning of Christianity millions had been Enslaved, Murdered, jailed and slaughtered and has not moved one ounce toward humanity.

    • Rattlerjake

      First of all, Sharia Law is NOT religious freedom, it is political ideology. Secondly, You’re one of the idiots who actually believes the lies of Christianity being part of the Crusades. It was catholicism not Christianity. Catholicism is NOT part of Christianity, it is a religion created by the Roman government to coerce Christians into adhering to Roman law. Catholicism violates the majority of GOD’s doctrine and laws!!! It’s very similar to how Christians are now being indoctrinated to believe that Christianity is Judeo-Christianity, when it is not! Christianity was NOT established from the pagan religion of Judaism! Christianity originated from HEBREWISM!


    BAN ALL MUSLIMS ! DEPORT THEM ALL TO A S**T HOLE COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST ! I do not care if they were born here they stink to high heaven and I do not want anything to do with them !

  6. Bruce Walters

    Hasn’t Sharia law been banned since the 1950’s? The only law recognized in the US is US LAW.


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