Okay, let’s have wild horse meat for dinner! This is exactly the solution of some lawmakers in Wyoming to control the growing population of wild horses in the area.

A lengthy joint resolution in the Wyoming House calls upon Congress to bring back equine slaughter and processing for markets outside the United States. Wyoming is offering the resolution as a “best management practice” for all those wild mustangs that roam and breed with little effective management throughout the Cowboy State.

Horse meat hasn’t been sold in the United States legally since 2007 but there have been reports of it being sold on the black market.

The resolution calls upon Congress to re-open American horse slaughterhouses as one way of culling the number of mustangs because there is an international market for horse meat.

“The United States Congress has effectively banned horse slaughter in the United States for human consumption since 2007 by denying funding for the inspection of equine slaughter facilities throughout the food production process,” the resolution states.

HJ 3 asks lawmakers to urge Congress to reverse that policy.

Horse meat consumption is legal in several countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Indonesia, and China.

Wyoming’s new house joint resolution titled “Wild Horses and Burros-best Management Practices” looks to amend the “Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971” which essentially gives wild horses the right to roam freely in the United States without being harmed.

However, the American Wild Horse Campaign, a mustang advocacy group, contends that horse slaughter is impractical and inhumane, said the group’s spokeswoman, Grace Kuhn.

Here’s an excerpt of the new bill:

According to The Gateway Pundit:

The bill was sponsored by Rep. John Winter, Dalton Banks, Robert Davis, Chip Neiman, Albert Sommors, Sen. Ogden Driskill and Sen. Dan Laursen.

The Powell Tribune reported Rep. Winter’s motive to pass the bill is because there “are too many horses” and it’s “affecting sage grouse and other wildlife.”

Winter relays that wild horses are currently costing taxpayers over $77 million dollars a year.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, The Powell Tribune

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