It was previously covered by police officer Nate Sylvester’s amusing TikTok video in which he pantomimes seeking help from LeBron James before responding to a fictitious violent crime in progress. It got tens of thousands of likes and shares on the Internet, and it made everybody laugh.

In the viral video, which had 4.4 million views as of Wednesday. Deputy Silvester impersonates LeBron James on the phone, calling for police advice on how to handle an alleged stabbing right outside his car.

Deputy Silvester ends the video by bashing self-proclaimed “King” LeBron James and questioning why he ignores black-on-black violence but is only concerned when a black person is killed by a white cop.

“Listen, I’m out here at this disturbance call and there’s a guy trying to stab another guy,” Silvester says in the video. “Deadly force is completely justified. So you don’t care if a black person kills another black person but you do care if a white cop kills a black person even if he’s doing it to save the life of another black person?”

According to the statement, “the Bellevue Marshal’s Office is aware of the intense controversy surrounding Deputy Marshal Silvester’s viral TikTok.”

“The Bellevue Marshal’s Office does not endorse the comments made. Our Deputies must always interact with our residents in a respectful and professional manner, according to the Bellevue Marshal’s Office. We do not allow our deputies to behave in this manner while on duty or while on city time. This is an internal personnel problem that is being addressed.”

The officer has been placed on paid leave and has set up a GoFundMe page if you want to help him out as the woke mob descends on him and his spineless leadership.

Currently, the page has earned $70,000 in donations.

Here’s a message from the founder of the GoFundMePage:


Hi, my name is Gannon. The recent viral TikTok video of a cop calling out Lebron James has cost the cop, my best friend in the world, Officer Nate Silvester a suspension without pay. He’s still got his job for now, but apparently, the town where his policies didn’t find his TikTok as amazingly comical, and accurate as the 4.5 million viewers did, including some major news networks. The future is uncertain. I just don’t want to see my friend lose out on any money for this when it was meant to be satirical and to point out an obvious flaw in Lebron’s logic. Please donate what you can contribute. Every dollar helps! Thanks!!

Edit: Words cannot express how much this means to me that everyone is donating! Nate is speechless. He wishes for me to let everyone know how much this means to him to have your support! WE BACK THE BLUE!!!



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