They looked into a storm drain, but what happened next was something that had them almost totally fainting…

They were sisters, and they consisted of 11-year-old Tori and 13-year-old Carly of Southlake, Texas, and they were thinking about what to do with their after on January 19th. The gutsy girls decided that it was time to take a local adventure.

A post by the Southlake DPS explains that the girls were having a case of cabin fever after they had made it through a two-week quarantine, and so they needed some excitement.

“That’s right!” the Southlake DPS wrote in a post detailing the rescue they were eventually called out to do. “We’ve got some good old-fashioned amazing pre-teens here, thrilled to explore the outdoors and see nature instead of TikToking or vegging on the couch watching MrBeast on YouTube.”

What precipitated all this was that the sisters spotted a drainage pipe and thought, “why not?” so 11-year-old Tori started crawling.

Well, the plan went all right until Tori turned around to make her return trip. She looked up and immediately spotted a large black snake. This is Texas, folks, so yes, you are definitely going to encounter them. Wisely, Tori decided that she was going to exit the other way, going out the other end of the storm drain.

“I made it to the center,” Tori later told KXAS-TV. “I thought that I could just go out the other tunnel since there are two ways out … And immediately saw another snake.”

Wouldn’t you know, yet another snake was waiting for her. She was trapped, and the reality of her situation dawned on her — all the worse because, as her mother told KXAS, crawling through storm drains is something they know they shouldn’t be doing.

“At one point Carly hissed to Tori to ‘just close your eyes and crawl under it before mom finds out,’ which made Tori burst into tears and come to a conclusion that a confession was the final option,” Southlake DPS’s post continued.

“Carly then high-tailed it in the house, leaving her poor younger sister alone with the company of some new friendsssssssssss. It didn’t take long before she decided that mom’s wrath was tremendously better than a snake.

“Mom came out, failed at lifting the heavy heavy grate, and she gave Tori the option to crawl past a snake (either/or, dealer’s choice) or call the Southlake Police and Fire Departments to rescue her. She chose Southlake Police and Fire, baby.”

“We were there in minutes and after about 90 seconds, we got the grate off. Mom documented the whole experience with photos, which she kindly shared with us.”

The Southlake DPS story has been shared hundreds of times, and there were various comments praising their quick rescue.

“Snake People — no snakes were harmed!” the post concluded. “Southlake citizens — we’re always here for you in a quick and timely matter, no matter what! Be safe today in Southlake and beyond!”

Mom Nikki Stovall was thankful that the first responders helped so quickly.

“Just needed a few big, strong, you know, heroes and they just flipped that thing right open and yanked her right out,” she told KXAS.

“I’m not impressed they made the decision to go wander in there but, you know, I’m proud of them for problem-solving,” she added.

As for Tori, she is going to leave storm drains alone for now and forevermore.

“I’m just glad I’m still not under there near a snake,” Tori said. “No, I will not go under there again.” Looking into a storm drain was not for them, that’s for sure.

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