The absolute control, power, and prowess exhibited by collegiate gymnasts are mindboggling. Their bodies bend and move in unimaginable ways.

But what Gracie Kramer did in her gymnastics floor routine was definitely unique and mind-boggling. The 21-year-old UCLA gymnast plays the villain and her performance is so stunning, she scores a perfect 10!

Gracie worked started her floor exercise a little differently than most. Her performance started with dark and moody music making the judges why she had chosen a song like this for her turn. It wasn’t long into her routine that the music changed, switching Gracie into an exciting routine.

One commentator called Gracie’s routine “dark” and “foreboding,” but, you know, in a good way. She channels some serious Billie Eilish energy through her flips, splits, and strides across the floor.

“Well, you should be scared,” responds the other commentator. “Basically, we’re in a nightmare and she’s the bad guy.”

During the gymnastics floor routine, scary music is playing in the background. It’s the kind of music you might hear in a horror film. And Gracie manages to insert creepy moves and facial expressions into the performance, which certainly add to the villain theme.

As Gracie moves about the floor, she stuns the audience and judges with her perfectly executed moves. She exercises such precision with her impressive jumps and flips. And Gracie definitely showcases just how much power and strength she has.

This Gracie Kramer gymnastics floor routine truly demonstrates her intense passion and determination. You can certainly tell she has worked very hard to get where she is now.

With her dedication to the theme and impressive moves, it makes sense that Gracie would be awarded a perfect 10 for this performance!

Once the news of her perfect score spread, Gracie’s teammates gathered all around her while hugging and cheering in celebration. What an amazing moment this must have been for Gracie Kramer. It was her first time ever receiving a perfect score in her gymnastics career!

Watch her mesmerizing routine below:

Source: AWM

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