The father of a friend I had growing up was a lawyer and every so often you would get tales out of him about people who had no idea what they were doing and how the cases they were asking him to try were baseless.

I can only imagine the stories we would get out of him over an election like this because the Trump legal team has something but they are not being allowed to tell it.

They are facing every possible legal hurdle that they can and they are going up against biased judges…

Democratic Rep Bill Pascrell of New Jersey has filed charges against 23 Trump lawyers including Rudy Giuliani, demanding that they all be disbarred for representing Donald Trump. I guess Republicans are forbidden to have their day in court. Of course, Pascrell does not want Democrats having their day in court even when they are caught red handed.

Pascrell is a clown and his demand is hilarious. He said that the lawyers were “attempts to overturn the election and demolish democracy.” Democrats have been trying to overthrow the country’s government since the day Trump was elected.

There was the Russia hoax and the Ukraine impeachment hoax and many hoaxes from the lamestream press including the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Atlantic. Pascrell was in the middle of some of it. Let’s hope the Bar Association does not decide to go rogue. If they do, they should receive major blowback.

Pascrell unleashed his anger on 23 lawyers as he filed complaints in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and New York .

Pascrell said:

“The egregious pattern of behavior by Mr. Giuliani to effectuate Mr. Trump’s sinister arson is a danger not just to our legal system but is also unprecedented in our national life. In carrying out that perversion, Mr. Giuliani has clearly violated the New York Rules of Professional Conduct he swore to uphold and should face the severest sanction your body can mete out: revocation of his law licensure.”

Pascrell accused Giuliani and the other lawyers of participating in “frivolous lawsuits,” using the court system to “assault public confidence in the United States electoral system.”  He also said that they engage “in conduct involving dishonest, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

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  1. Tim

    I’m thinking this Pascell fella has a few skeletons in his closet that need to be exposed. That’d be justice square.

  2. Big Ed

    This is a typical Democrat response to a problem. They initiate the problem (as in implementing the most outlandish voter fraud in the history of the US) and then blaming the victim for resisting the fraud. When Democrats want something, even if they have to cheat to get it, everyone must give way to their wishes and pretend the fraud never happened. Pascrell belongs to the party whose most important function is to defend the Constitution and yet not a single damned one of them has any idea of what that document says. All they know about the Constitution is that it says abortion is OK, homosexual marriage is OK and guns are bad-exactly ass backwards from what is actually written.


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