A Colorado mom is suing Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, claiming the platform intentionally inflicted “reckless, wanton, malicious [and] fraudulent” harm on her 13-year-old daughter.

Cecelia Tesch said in the complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court of Colorado on July 20th, that the addictive nature of Facebook led “to body dysmorphia, eating disorder, self-harm, severe anxiety, depression,” among other health effects.

Tesch also alleges in the lawsuit that her daughter’s “constant” Facebook notifications kept her up all night and diminished her interest in RF’s other activities.

RF claimed that “she developed a number of mental health conditions that she still suffers from,” and that Meta called Facebook “a product that children and adolescents used, became addicted to, and abused without the consent of the users’ parents.” The mother, who accused her of designing it so that she could, insisted. ”

Tesch has filed a controversial lawsuit with the United States District Court in Denver.

The plaintiffs say Facebook’s age verification policies are weak and accuse the company of knowingly exploiting “vulnerable users” for profit.

Meta “designed Facebook to allow children and adolescents to use, become addicted to, and abuse their product without the consent of the users’ parents,” the lawsuit says.

It also claims that teenagers are particularly vulnerable to excessive social media use, adding that neither Tesch nor her daughter “were aware of the clinically addictive and psychologically harmful effects of Facebook.”

Tesch, who is seeking unspecified damages, filed a lawsuit against Meta, which also owns Instagram, through her attorney on July 20. The controversial lawsuit was filed with the United States District Court in Denver.

Other platforms have faced similar lawsuits from parents. TikTok has found itself on the receiving end of legal trouble from families of children, but their controversies often center around their “challenges” turning deadly.

Source: AWM

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