On Tuesday, Amber Heard ignored directions from Judge Penny Azcarate, rushing out of the courtroom after disastrous redirect questioning from her legal team.

And now, a video of Heard leaving the courtroom has gone viral.

Johnny Depp is suing her for $50 million in a defamation suit brought on after Amber Heard published an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018. The article speaks about domestic violence and all but names Depp, which, he said, harmed his career and life.

The “Aquaman” actress looked combative and frustrated on the stand Tuesday during cross-examination by Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez — and things only got worse when Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft tried her best to rehabilitate the actress during redirect questioning.

Bredehoft was repeatedly unable to successfully ask her client questions due to sustained objections from Vasquez.

During a cross-examination on Tuesday afternoon by Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, Heard became visibly frustrated and upset numerous times.

Things got even worse when Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, tried her best to help rehabilitate Heard during redirect questioning. Bredehoft was repeatedly unable to successfully ask Heard questions due to sustained objections from Vasquez.

It also appears that Heard ignored Judge Azcarate’s initial direction. The judge told Heard:

“You can have a seat next to your attorney, okay? You can go have a seat next to her, that’s fine.”

Instead, Heard walked straight for the door. The video clip shows Heard jetting towards the door to leave the courtroom while taking a sip of her drink.

Law&Crime’s Cathy Russon captioned the video which was posted on Twitter: 

“When #AmberHeard was done testifying the judge told her she could have a seat next to her attorney, twice, – instead – Heard walked out of the courtroom before the jury had the opportunity to leave for the break.” 

Watch the video below:

The cross-examination started on Monday, with Vasquez playing the audio, which explains why Depp won’t look at his ex-wife.

Depp told Amber in 2016, during their last meeting in person that “You will not see my eyes again.”

“He won’t look at you, right?” Depp attorney Camille Vasquez asked Heard during the first hour of cross-examination this week.

“You know exactly why Mr. Depp won’t look at you,” Vasquez pressed. “He promised you he would never see your eyes again, is that true?”

“I don’t recall that,” Heard said in response, ahead of Depp’s legal team playing the 2016 audio clip for the court.

“Please, I just want to hug you and say bye,” Heard begs Depp in the audio clip.

“I am nothing to you, and I will always be nothing to you,” said the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. “You will not see my eyes again.”

The outlet’s report noted further:

Viewers of the trial noticed earlier this month that Depp would not look at Heard during her testimony, one legal commentator suggesting this was a “strategy” for the actor.

“What do you think of the strategy of #JohnnyDepp purposely not looking, even one time, at #Amber Heard during testimony?” posted Cathy Russon, Executive Producer at Law&Crime Trial Network.

Two images in the post-show Depp with his head down as Heard testified.

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Sources: Conservativebrief, DailyWire

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