The leftists are doing everything to get more attention about the COVID vaccine, they even used Disney song and sing it like a Broadway play.

This COVID vaccine is now being taken into another level of hysteria, you can see people walking around with their bandaid on their arms and looking like they just received a Nobel Peace Prize even though it was just only a vaccine.

Watch this video of a grown man on how he sings a “vaccine” rendition of a tune from the film “Frozen”, that only proved how creepy and weird the way they worship this virus.

Below are the comments from the people who have watched the video and it turned out that it is pretty darn brutal:

“How many people missing in his area? Bet they’re in his backyard…”

“Maybe he’ll write another jingle about the blood clotting he’s likely to suffer from at some point in the future”

“I’m not sure if he understands how a countdown works.”

“This guy lives at home with his mom doesn’t he?”

“There’s a difference between being a nerd or a fan and being perpetually a child, refusing to grow up. This dude is the latter.”

“Politicizing vaccinations, because health is so important, but his ‘mental health’ more so. Also, “My right wing friends” He has right-wing friends? I thought they weren’t allowed to talk to right wing people if they’re on the left because they’ll be converted or something.”

Now, this virus and vaccine things are like a religion to these people. Maybe because they believe that this pandemic was the main reason that President Trump did not win the election that is why they worship it.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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