Other than being the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger Woods is known to be a man of many talents. In fact, Woods is an excellent entrepreneur. The golfer legnd has proved his ability to become a successful businessman since he has built up an empire.

Woods is in business with many popular entrepreneurs, including President Trump. Now, he is designing a multi-million-worth golf club in Dubai for Trump.

Golf legend Eldrick “Tiger” Woods has been friends with President Trump for years and has played golf several times with both Woods and legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus.

Back in May 2019, to honor Woods’s huge contribution to this sport as President Trump recalled Woods’ historic career from 1997 to his 2019 Masters win, including his injuries and miraculous comeback. President Trump bestowed Tiger Woods with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, hailing Woods as a “global symbol of American excellence.”

Trump’s new course will be one of several spectacular golf courses located in Dubai, including top-rated courses designed by golf legends Greg Norman and Nick Faldo.

100 percent fed up noted:

Damac’s Trump World Golf Club Dubai is poised to offer a golf experience unique to the Middle East. The championship course’s styling is reminiscent of the Australian Sandbelt and showcases designer Tiger Woods’ penchant for links golf.

The course will provide a premier test of golf, yet remain enjoyable for all levels of play, by emphasizing positioning and angles to strategic green complexes and encouraging creative shot-making around the tightly mown green surrounds.

As expected, the Left swamp to comment section with hatred and disdain for anyone who dares to be associated with the one man willing to take on the DC Swamp and globalist elites.

“I hope it’s not true, ” John Oberlin tweeted, warning that of all the “mistakes” Tiger Woods has made in the past, this will be one he won’t recover from.

“I never liked Tiger Woods but now I really hate him,” Martin A Perseo tweeted.

“Tiger Woods is dead to me?” What the hell is wrong with these people?’

And finally, this brilliant leftist exclaims that this could be the end of Tiger’s professional career because “he will lose millions of fans all over the planet.”

Watch it here: DAMAC Properties/Youtube

Sources: 100percentfedup, TGRdesign

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  1. ox

    What does Tiger Woods get for his support? He gets a free lifetime membership to play golf with Trump at Trump’s golf courses?


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