Toby Keith deserves a standing ovation. Americans will love what he just did for TRUMP…


CDP |  Just One Of The Many Examples Of Toby Kieth’s Dedication To This Great Nation

Despite the controversy over celebrities performing for Donald Trump, Country music superstar Toby Keith headlined a pre-inaugural concert on January 19 welcoming the new president to Washington, D.C.

But Keith’s appearance wasn’t a defiant expression of Republicanism.

Unlike those celebrities who refused to perform on political grounds, Keith didn’t regard performing or not performing at the inauguration as a partisan statement.

Instead, Keith’s reasons for appearing on stage transcended politics.

When news broke that Keith had accepted the invitation from the Trump inaugural committee, there was a considerable backlash on social media.

One of the most insulting came from the tweeter “glitterbitch.”  In the tweet, “glitterbitch” dehumanized and then stereotyped the Oklahoma-born Keith.

Keith offered no apologies about performing at the inauguration.

“I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military,” Keith told Entertainment Weekly after accepting Trump’s invitation.

Keith’s unapologetic patriotism was in stark contrast to other celebrities who either rejected the Trump committees’ invitation on political grounds or bowed out because of a backlash from politicized fans.

Welsh singer Charlotte Church flat out refused Trump’s invitation.  Her tweeted rebuff in January managed to be both political and scatological.

In the tweet, she denounced Trump as “a tyrant” and graffitied the tweet with feces’ symbols.

Others who declined performing at the inauguration took a higher ground but were nonetheless political.  Upon learning that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was performing for Trump, a member of the non-partisan group resigned.  The unidentified member said singing at the inauguration would have caused her a loss of “self-respect.”

A Rockette named Phoebe Pearl was “embarrassed” that the dancing troupe was appearing as per tradition at the inauguration.  Pearl equated her participation with the Rockettes at the inauguration as validating Trump’s supposed misogyny.

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Keith is a true Patriot!

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  1. cheryl D.

    As a former stagehand, I worked for Toby, on several occasions. He is a “stand up” guy, in every respect.

  2. CrustyOldGeezer


    this story is about an event over THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO with a current date to make it seem relevant?

    • krdave

      I’m another old geezer and I feel the same way. I have blackballed some sites because of how they push old news. You just get tired of having to wade through it.

  3. jim

    we know the author of the article is a anti president trump person. Toby Keith does not have to be sorry for one dam thing about it –

  4. Larry

    Toby Keith is and has always been a great American….courtesy of the red, white and blue!!!


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