Liberals sure get themselves caught up emotionally with everything political and entertainment don’t they?

I was on a flight before all of this craziness happened last year and I overheard a conversation between a lady and a friend of hers where she was talking about this massive collection of movies she had from some actor. It sounded like she spent hundreds of dollars on this.

She then went on to tell this person how she had thrown them all away when he found out that the actor who starred in the movies was a Trump supporter, or that she heard they were one. Imagine how silly that is, to destroy something because of something like that.

President Trump is living rent free inside the head of millions upon millions of Americans.  Not only are the ‘celebrities’ on the TV working overtime to get the American people to hate and fear Trump, they are falling prey to their own Bravo Sierra

How many times have we heard about a lefty in Hollywood telling us that Trump was literally Hitler, or warning how he was going to destroy the nation?  It never ends, and it never will end until the left gets power back.  Once they do, look out because I have a feeling they will be looking to get ‘revenge’ and after working so hard to dehumanize conservatives, I would not be surprised to see some horrific events occur.

Anyway, back to the star of ‘Sister Act,’ Whoopi Goldberg.

I don’t watch daytime TV, and have never had any interest in watching The View.

A bunch of angry 4th wave feminists who just can’t stand a strong man, which has caused Trump Derangement Syndrome to take over their brains.

As with the other 99.9 percent of the entertainment industry, these women are convinced that Joe Biden is going to win the election. They try assigning all the COVID-19 deaths to President Trump and are relying on the same polls that were wrong in 2016 for their confidence.

Since President Trump’s rapid recovery from the virus, the Trump team has been promoting the re-opening of the country and asking people to stop living in fear.

Well Whoopi Goldberg of The View told her audience that she in a depression over Trump.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Whoopi Goldberg says she’s fallen into a ‘depression’ because of Trump: ‘Everything he says is pissing me off’

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg said President Trump’s words on the campaign trail has caused her to sink into a “depression.”

“What is he talking about? I’m in a depression now, because of him. Every time I see him, he depresses me. Everything he says is pissing me off and depressing me,” Goldberg said on Monday on The View.

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  1. Bubbelove

    A bottle of Seconal would relieve Whoopi’s depression. If she cannot afford it, I could always get her a prescription. The whole bunch of
    them are stupid sh*ts.


    The View should be called the “SCREW” … those Democrat B’tches are dumber than a box of rocks and I believe they all should be taken to a Prison and let the Inmates have their way with them !

  3. Wyatt

    There’s women on the View ? I thought it was Wookie Goldberg and her crew of Harpys ! Sunny Hostile , Joy-less BrayHard and the other airhead


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