President Trump just unleashed a massive crackdown on the National Park Service (NPS) after years of complaints of sexual assault that went ignored under the Obama administration.

Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke announced a new plan on Friday that would combat the NPS’ “widespread and pervasive culture of harassment and discrimination.”

The NPS has struggled with sexual harassment problems for years, and in 2016 a bombshell report was released finding “long-term pattern of sexual harassment and hostile work environment,” particularly within the Grand Canyon District National Park Service.

Remember who was president back in 2016? That’s right, Barack Obama.

The House Committee on the Oversight and Government reform reported after a hearing in June 2016 that “more than 20 claims of sexual harassment and misconduct were reported at offices in the Grand Canyon River District and Canaveral National Seashore during the past 15 years.

This is totally sick. Female rangers were fearing to go to work because their pervert colleagues were sexually harassing them. And did Obama’s NPS director Jonathan Jarvis fire any of those creeps? NOPE!

A new sheriff is in town, and despite what Democrats and the left-wing media want people to believe, this administration is here to STICK UP for victims of sexual assault. The DOI released a report showing that 38% of NPS employees have been harassed or discriminated against on the job. That era is OVER.

Zinke said in a statement:

I’ve removed a number of people who were abusive or acted improperly that other administrations were too afraid to or just turned a blind eye to.”

“Under my leadership, we’re going to hold people accountable.”

“We are also fixing the problem of victims being afraid of retaliation or inaction by codifying the right for victims to report abuse to any manager in any location across the Service, and by bringing on an independent, investigative partner.”

HELL YES. The Trump Administration is showing the world how to deal with sexual predators, and this juxtaposition is especially pertinent in the wake of Democrat bankroller Hollywood exec and serial assaulter Harvey Weinstein’s public disgrace.

Naturally, the mainstream media is totally silent, but NOT US! Check out CNN’s search results when you type “national park service”- NOTHING on Zinke’s order:

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(h/t Daily Caller)

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