President Trump just found out that Obama had his phones tapped just prior to the election!

More and more keeps coming out about the Obama administration. His shadow government is doing whatever they can to discredit President Trump. Not to mention, the “trap” Obama left on his way out of the White House. Now were finding out about Donald Trumps phones being tapped over at Trump Tower right before the election.

President went off on Obama over Twitter and even made a comment about finding a lawyer.

Fox News talked about these accusations this morning. We’re not sure how President Trump found out about this but if he has solid proof, this could be huge! We could finally have something solid to take down Obama and the rest of the liberal snakes!

Watch below:

You can believe if they’d found any wrong doing we would have heard about it BEFORE Trump was elected. The point of the wiretap was to stop Trump from being president. Now that Trump is president, Obama will be exposed and hopefully prosecuted for his wrong doing. Obama thought he was beyond the law. So did Hillary.

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