The argument between vaccinated people and the unvaccinated folks is still on the run, but the decision of these two Nations will give us a wider view of the side effects of COVID vaccines.

After the vast vaccinations that have been happening in the entire world, ridiculously for the United States the vaccines are heavily enforced by the Biden administration without any pre-caution, pushing that it will help you get away from COVID but the truth is, these vaccines are naturally killing you instead. What a great idea!

On Tuesday, Sweden and Denmark announced that they were halting Moderna COVID vaccinations for those under 30-years-old due to possible side effects.

The two nations have sighted ample pieces of evidence to ban the vaccine for its youth as it is dangerous.

Excerpt from Bloomberg reports:

Sweden and Denmark decided to halt vaccinations with Moderna Inc.’s Covid-19 shot for younger people because of potential side effects.

The Swedish health authority Wednesday cited new data on the increased risk of heart inflammation as a reason for the pause for those aged 30 and under. Denmark will stop giving the shot to those younger than 18.

Moderna shares fell as much as 5.3% in New York trading.

“We are monitoring the situation closely and are acting rapidly to ensure that Covid-19 vaccinations are constantly as safe as possible, while also providing protection,” said Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist.

The two countries recommended Pfizer Inc.’s and BioNTech SE’s rival vaccine as a replacement. Both vaccinations use messenger RNA technology to prompt an immune reaction.

There are about 3,933 Americans who have lost their lives to Moderna COVID vaccinations and for Pfizer, it is 10,848, confirmed by VAERS tracking website.

Now tell me, Biden, is this really a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, VAERS

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