The video was originally posted by Leon Kruyshaar and shows a group of South Africans standing together to help each other during the Joburg floods yesterday.

The crowd can be seen forming a human chain in the midst of the rapids, to assist people out of their cars and get them to safety!

“When I see video clips like this I know we as a nation can stand as one !!! Proud to be South African!!!” – Kruyshaar

The video has been seen thousands of times and shared around social media, and commentators have expressed their admiration by the way the South Africans are standing together and helping each other out.

Mpesh Panduva wrote: “Goosebumps…together we can save the nation…United we stand…”

Debbie Wilson added: “So proud of our nation. We will never be divided again…..”

Virgilia Maia Van Greunen commented: “So beautiful and heart warming to see what we have in this country”

Ntema Greative Cated Ntema stated: “and united we shall stand!!!”

Watch the full clip below:



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