It seems that everything, including news stations, has a cycle of influence where they can only be trusted for so long.

The same thing happened with CNN years ago. They used to be a network that people could rely on for actual news and informed opinions. Then somewhere along the way, they became this bastion for liberal nonsense.

Now, it seems that Fox News is falling into that same trap. They are abandoning all sensible thoughts and some of their people are openly attacking President Trump on the air.

What would fall faster, a lead balloon or Fox News ratings?

Fox News ratings because the lead balloon is not in the tank for Biden. Rupert Murdoch made the mistake of allowing his liberal son to take over the Fox juggernaut created by the late Roger Ailes.

The secret to Fox News’ dominance was the fact that they were the only major network that leaned to the right. They had no competition.

But, now they have crossed over to the dark side, they have nothing but competition. CNN took both top spots in the daytime Nielson ratings in the  25-54 age demographic.

Anderson Cooper’s show, “AC360,” took the time spot with 604K viewers. Chris Cuomo’s CNN show took the second highest slot. Fox News’ daytime ratings has suffered a 32% loss in viewership. That is over just a three week period. I don’t believe there is any way for them to recover now. CNN should sent the Murdochs flowers for saving their economic lives.

All during the election campaign, Fox polls were wildly out of touch with reality and with few exceptions, the bias against Trump was palatable. The final straw was when they called Arizona for Biden. The vote there is just about 4000 votes now and Trump has a chance to flip the state.

From The Blaze:

While Fox News’ viewership dropped, the viewership for CNN and MSNBC increased to near parity. In weekday average daytime viewership, Fox News garnered 1.63 million viewers, CNN received 1.68 million viewers, and MSNBC received 1.71 million viewers.

But despite the precipitous drop in daytime, Fox continues to beat the competition in total numbers of viewers during prime-time hours.

Fox News averaged 2.98 million viewers in prime time, with CNN averaging 2.05 million, and MSNBC seeing an average of 2.18 million viewers.

Donald J. [email protected]
·.@FoxNews daytime ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime even WORSE. Very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. They forgot the Golden Goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews!

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    The Stupid Liberal Murdoch BOZO has ruined Fox … his father is spinning in his grave like a 79 record ! Did Soros get his fingers around him and pull him to the EVIL Socialistic Communistic trench ? It is my belief that soon the Trusted Folks at FOX will be leaving in a rush and FOX will die on the vine !

  2. Tim

    Well this viewer no longer watches or listens to any of the so-called ‘conservative’ anchors (I now call them the ‘variety show network.’) Instead I get all my news from One America News, NEWSMAX (until they get sold later on) and Right Side Broadcasting Network, which has nightly prayers with Father Pavone at 8:00pm (EST).

    Rupert should’ve stopped having children, but rather should have had a vasectomy.

  3. DonRS

    When the IDIOT children of successful entrepreneurs INHERIT, rather than EARN their positions, you can bet they will SCREW IT UP. Lachlan Murdock is working on making a “small fortune” – he started with a LARGE FORTUNE!


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