Things could go possibly wrong when a mandate seems to be really controversial after a deal has been done. “I can’t do this again,” said one boy’s poster.

The mask mandate is a never-ending issue as this was already been lifted but put back by these cryptic Dems.

Public health experts including Douglas have spoken at previous school board meetings, stressing there is no evidence masks are harmful to children and that they are effective at containing COVID-19 spread, although those comments were usually rebuffed by anti-masking crowds calling for personal choice.

On Wednesday, Students at Legend High School in Parker walked out of class on Sept. 1 in protest of a masking mandate that went into effect that morning. The walkout started when three students emerged from Legend High School in Parker and meandered toward a nearby park. Two more followed shortly after, and for a moment the small group was the only sign of protest.

Then came dozens, and within minutes, hundreds of students and parents had amassed across the street from the high school. They held signs calling masks child abuse, public health officials liars, and demanded masks remain optional.

Linda Potter who attended to support her son, Michael Davy that wearing masks in the last school year has affected his mental and physical health and it’s causing him huge headaches.

She said, “They are very passionate speaking with their own voice and their own constitutional right.”

Michael added, “Because we already went through this for one whole year and I don’t want to do it again.”

This whole mandating has been really a complete manipulation towards our daily living. The students did was a slap on their faces as a STOP sign.

Watch it here: Video/Rumble

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, HighlandsRanchHerald

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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    “Public health experts…spoken at previous school board meetings, stressing there is no evidence masks are harmful…” There is also no evidence masks protect from anything. The only ones that benefit from masks are those that make them and those that sell them!!


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