If you are in the running for a job and you are one of the final people in contention for the position, you do everything that you can to show people that you are the right guy.

I remember once there was a job I got where the reason I got hired as I was told later was that I was ten minutes early to the interview and another guy was two minutes early. That was it.

Joe Biden is seemingly doing everything he can to do as little as he can, and it is going to cost him.

If there is one common criticism of the Hillary Clinton campaign for President it was that the candidate did not spend enough time on the campaign trail.  Especially when it came to the crucial ‘Rust Belt’ states.  Don’t look now, but new reports suggests Biden is making the same exact mistake.  Or, should I say, continuing to make the same mistakes that HRC did …

Are you serious Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden?

You are already skipped a crap load of your scheduled events this month, called off work 9 times and now will stay home letting your wife do the campaigning?

With only 40 crucial campaigning days until the election, the left’s hope for defeating President Trump, the 77-year-old Joe Biden, started off Thursday morning by calling a lid (shutting down press for the day), again!

This is the second time Biden’s campaign has called a lid before 10 AM this week and the 9th time this month!

Biden is reportedly busy prepping for next week’s debate, and boy does he need it. The question is will he be able to retain any of the prep in his mind for recall during the debate?

Unlike most people, Joe can’t multi-task, as he has trouble with just a task at hand.

“Biden has nothing scheduled until the debate, is using all this time to prepare” – Fox News host Sandra Smith reported Thursday.

President Trump again pointed out that Sleepy Joe just doesn’t have it.

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  1. LIsa

    Biden is a joke, hiding in his basement…AGAIN!!! wonder if he will actually debate Trump, I sure am looking forward to the debates


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