My parents were extremely self-sufficient people when it came to certain things. Growing up in northern Michigan you sort of had to be.

We had a power outage once and for the most part, didn’t have much of an interruption when it came to using modern conveniences. Our power went out one time during a snowstorm when it was like ten degrees out and they couldn’t turn it back on for a good long time.

Luckily we had a wood stove that was large enough to cook food on as long as you didn’t mind things being boiled or fried. It was basically the same as cooking outdoors on a camping trip. Hell, we had four months’ worth of firewood out back for a three-month amount of time so we never had an issue about that either. We were lucky.

Some people aren’t nearly as lucky right now, and they need all hands from our elected officials to do something. The problem is, Democrats are more interested in things that definitely, while it may be an important thing, can wait until things die down.

Right now a tragic winter storm has left millions of people in Houston and throughout Texas without water and power. Dozens of people have died. But for some reason Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is busy hosting Zoom meetings to push reparations. According to the rules created by Leftists, Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t care about people freezing to death.

Democrats are begging for more free stuff
Congress held its first hearing on reparations for slavery since the May 2020 death of George Floyd, which reignited the Black Lives Matter movement.

Members of the Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties met over Zoom Wednesday to discuss H.R. 40, which aims to ‘establish a commission to study and consider a national apology and proposal for reparations for the institution of slavery.’

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who’s spearheading the effort, argued her case with images, holding up pictures of a beaten slave and lynched black Americans.

‘This was our life, the back of a beaten slave. This was our life in to the 20th century, hangings of African-Americans, men and women. This was our life, when we were in public display, brutalized,’ the Texas congresswoman said, showing several grisly images. She put those images in the Congressional record.

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    NEVER will I apologize for something that happened 400 years ago, yes it was a shame but this is going over the top…I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE for something I and my ancestors DID NOT DO…this is absolutely ludicrous

  2. WhiteFalcon

    The fact is that had President Trump been in the White House, help would have been on the way before that storm was over. Biden hasn’t yet gotten his head out from between his hemorrhoids, where it always is.


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