With the victory of Donald Trump we have seen an outpouring of whining from the liberal side. From colleges who offered coloring, bubbles, puppies and “cry rooms’  to the Youtuber’s who cried and whined. It leaves us with this question… Why are millennials so soft?? This article from News Target has an idea:

So what led to this rising influx of special snowflakes invading college campuses across the country? There are a few theories.

Take, for example, the fact that parents have stopped spanking their children when they misbehave. On a massive scale, parents are refusing to punish their children by spanking them, though it probably goes much further than that. It seems as though parents are actually no longer punishing their children at all.

Kyle Schnitzer of The New York Post writes, “Researchers looked at four national studies using 23 years of data, where in 1988, 46% of mothers in middle-class families used spanking as a form of discipline for their children. However, by 2011, the number of moms still using spanking as a form of punishment dropped to 21%, in part because mothers started using time-out as a way to punish their children.”

Now there’s something to ponder about. Millennials need to toughen up. What are your thoughts?

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