The sudden death of the whistleblower responsible for exposing former President Trump’s business dealings has left many shocked and has fueled conspiracy theories. Valentin Broeksmit, aged forty-five, was found dead on the campus of a Los Angeles high school at 7:05 am on Monday.

The Los Angeles Coroner’s office reported the discovery of the informant’s body at Woodrow Wilson High School along the 4500 block of Multnomah Street. As of Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Police Department Public Information Officer Alba Mendez informed the Daily Mail that the investigation into the “undetermined death” of the Trump informant is still ongoing, with a known history of drug issues.

An autopsy has been ordered on Broeksmit to determine the cause of his untimely death. However, the reason his body was found at a Los Angeles high school remains a mystery, as he was neither a teacher nor an employee of the institution.

Apart from his role in exposing Trump’s dealings, Broeksmit also worked as a film producer and often referred to himself as a “comically terrible spy” in relation to his work as a bank whistleblower. Although he had not been seen publicly since April 2021, Broeksmit was a known recluse but remained highly active on Twitter, former President Trump’s preferred social media platform.

David Enrich, a New York Times reporter, revealed that Broeksmit provided the news agency with documents related to the Deutsche Bank probe back in 2019. During the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Trump’s potential criminal dealings, Broeksmit was subpoenaed to discuss the information he had uncovered.

Journalist Scott Stedman of the website Forensic News used Twitter to share the last time he had spoken to the whistleblower, stating, “He supplied me and other journalists with Deutsche Bank documents that highlighted the bank’s deep Russian connection.” Stedman added, “I don’t suspect foul play. Val struggled with drugs on and off.”

Broeksmit’s stepfather, William, was an executive at Deutsche Bank until his suicide in 2014, as reported by ABC10 News. Stedman noted that William’s death haunted and “consumed Val in recent years,” further saying, “To see his life end so short is incredibly depressing.”

Upon hearing the news of Broeksmit’s death, New York Times reporter David Enrich told RawStory that “this is terrible news.” Enrich identified Broeksmit as a “longtime source” and the “main character” of his upcoming book, titled “Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction.”

Enrich acknowledged that Broeksmit struggled with drugs and had a propensity for exaggerating the truth to create a compelling narrative, often presenting “far-fetched theories.” Enrich expressed his devastation, saying, “We had a complicated relationship, but this is just devastating to hear.”

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The mysterious circumstances surrounding Broeksmit’s death demand a thorough investigation. While his history of drug abuse may have played a role, the critical information he provided to journalists regarding Trump’s business dealings and Deutsche Bank’s connection to Russia cannot be ignored.

As the investigation continues, it is crucial to determine the cause of Broeksmit’s untimely death and whether any foul play was involved. His work as a whistleblower has shed light on critical issues, and the truth behind his passing must be uncovered to ensure transparency and justice.

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