As America begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and more citizens get vaccinated, many are considering traveling again. However, a series of eye-opening videos on TikTok by user @JanessaRichard, an insider from the hotel industry, may make you reconsider which hotel you choose for your next trip. These videos detail alarming practices at some hotels, where cost-cutting measures compromise guest comfort and hygiene.

@JanessaRichard’s videos expose the hidden side of the hotel industry, revealing the negligence and unsanitary practices that take place behind closed doors. For instance, she claims that hotels often fail to clean everything on the bed between stays, including the comforters or duvets.

“They wash it maybe once a year, which is really freaking gross,” she stated. “There are so many germs, and I don’t even know what else on there.”

In light of these revelations, she advises hotel guests to avoid using the blanket altogether and to remove it as soon as they check into their room, as it is highly probable that it hasn’t been cleaned for quite some time.

Nevertheless, she does share that hotels are willing to do certain nice things for their guests if they are “very nice.” Polite and courteous guests may be rewarded with a free upgrade to a suite or other luxurious accommodations if such rooms are available. So, it is essential to maintain good manners while checking into a hotel.

In another video, @JanessaRichard uncovers the fact that cleaning staff rarely change the toilet paper rolls between guests. Instead, they simply fold the last few sheets to make it appear neat and fresh for the next guest. Don’t be deceived by the pristine appearance of the toilet paper – it is unlikely to be a new roll.

Furthermore, she urges guests not to drink from the water glasses provided in hotel rooms. She explains that these glasses are often not replaced between guests, as long as they “look” clean.

“Almost every standard room you book comes with a water bottle and drinking glasses in the room,” she disclosed. “I would NOT recommend you drinking in those glasses because they’re often not changed in between guests, as long as they ‘look’ clean.”

These unsettling hotel secrets have sparked fear and outrage among viewers. One user commented, “Newfound fear of hotels after all these confessions,” while another declared, “The duvet thing should be illegal.”

In addition to these shocking revelations, @JanessaRichard also disclosed a lesser-known hotel secret regarding guest privacy. Front desk workers are instructed never to say a guest’s room number aloud. Instead, they write it down on a piece of paper. This protocol is in place to protect guests’ privacy and prevent eavesdroppers near the front desk from knowing which room they are staying in.

WATCH the video below for more details:

These revelations serve as a wake-up call for travelers and highlight the importance of vigilance and awareness when choosing a hotel. In an industry where appearances can be deceiving, it is crucial to prioritize your own health and safety by being well-informed and making wise choices during your stay.

Source: AWM

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