Unconfirmed rumors have been viral on social media allegedly Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel deleted his Twitter account and dump most of his Moderna shares.

Well, some liberal media outlets so-called fact-checkers are fast to make a cover-up of the trending news. They labeled it as false information, but is it really fake news?

To answer all your questions about whether or not it is false information, WLT made an independent investigation of the said allegations. 

I don’t go to the “Fact-Checking” (read: propaganda) websites to get my truth, but I do rely on them for one thing.

When even THEY admit certain elements of a story are true, then you know it is true, because it must be a truth so obvious and so true that even these people who twist and turn the truth for a living couldn’t deny it.

And that’s what we have here.

The intrepid “fact-checkers” over at USA Today “fact-checked” this report and labeled it “Missing Context”.

But let’s examine what they conceded was true.

First, they admit his Twitter account is gone:

Bancel’s personal Twitter account was removed at some point prior to Feb. 11, and news reports and transaction records show he has been selling predetermined portions of Moderna shares on a weekly basis.

A message on Bancel’s Twitter page says, “This account doesn’t exist.” It is unclear why the account was deleted, but the most recent archive of his active page, captured in November 2021, shows he hadn’t used the platform since April 2019.

Next, they admit he did sell over $400 million in stock, but it was “over time”:

Records of Bancel’s Moderna stock sales from Insider Screener, Wall Mine and Yahoo Finance show he has sold shares every week, but he did not sell all of his holdings. He still owns 21.8 million shares of Moderna’s common stock as of Feb. 14, according to Forbes.

The SEC-tracking site SecForm4 says Bancel has sold $404 million of stock since November 2019.

During the week of Feb. 9, for example, Bancel sold 19,000 shares of Moderna at approximately $155 a share for $2.9 million. He sold another 19,000 shares the week prior for $3.1 million. There is no transaction listed for $400 million. The most shares he has ever sold at once was in February 2020, when he sold 33,134 units of Moderna for over $750,485, according to Wall Mine.

The SEC filings of the February sales say the transactions were made in accordance with Rule 10b5-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which allows company insiders to set up predetermined sales to prevent insider trading. Bancel’s sales were part of a trading plan from December 2018 that was amended in September 2019 and May 2020.

After everything you know, what do you think about the said allegations? 

Sources: WeLoveTrump, USA Today

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