WikiLeaks has just released the list of victims that Obama was wiretapping just like President Trump!

President Trump has been mocked and laughed at since he announced over Twitter that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower just prior to the election. Liberals don’t want to hear it… they don’t want to hear anything that shows the true colors of their precious former President, Obama.

The truth hurts libs, the truth hurts! Obama is a con artist, those who are paying attention to more than the liberal main stream media know this. WikiLeaks is now exposing the truth for those who will listen.

From I Have The Truth:

Here is a list of some of Obama’s other victims, including Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu:

– The US National Security Agency bugged a private climate change strategy meeting; between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin;
– Obama bugged Chief of Staff of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for long term interception targetting his Swiss phone;
– Obama singled out the Director of the Rules Division of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Johann Human, and targetted his Swiss phone for long term interception;
-Obama stole sensitive Italian diplomatic cables detailing how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implored Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to help patch up his relationship with US President Barack Obama, who was refusing to talk to Netanyahu;
– Obama intercepted top EU and Japanese trade ministers discussing their secret strategy and red lines to stop the US “extort[ing]” them at the WTO Doha arounds (the talks subsequently collapsed);
– Obama explicitly targeted five other top EU economic officials for long term interception, including their French, Austrian and Belgium phone numbers;
– Obama explicitly targetted the phones of Italy’s ambassador to NATO and other top Italian officials for long term interception;
-Obama intercepted details of a critical private meeting between then French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Merkel and Berluscon, where the latter was told the Italian banking system was ready to “pop like a cork”.

Do you know what this brings to mind  in reference to Obama wiretapping Trump?

Remember the “Spook” caught during the 2016 Campaign at Trump Towers. This guy was caught by Trump Security. They found he was former CIA and had been “killed”(CIA Speak for retired) overseas a year prior to getting caught in Trump Tower. He was armed with a Glock.

If they probe this guy further, I’ll wager he has a background in Wire Tapping. This happened in 2016 and he had slipped past Security, but was caught inside Trump Towers. This is real news! A CIA “Spook” who had no business in Trump Tower. Why was he there? 

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