Rasmea Odeh, the top organizer for yesterday’s women’s strike, is a convicted terrorist!

In 1969 Odeh was involved in a pair of terrorist bombings in Jerusalem. She was imprisoned until 1980 as a part of a prisoner exchange. Odeh then moved to the US in the 1990’s.

Odeh is now a well known activist for liberal causes like yesterday’s women’s strike. The strike was for open borders, Palestinians, and Black Lives Matter.

From The Gateway Pundit:

The organizers of Wednesday’s international women’s strike support the “decolonization of Palestine,” the platform published on their website reveals.

“Against the open white supremacists in the current government and the far right and anti-Semites they have given confidence to, we stand for an uncompromising anti-racist and anti-colonial feminism,” the platform says. “This means that movements such as Black Lives Matter, the struggle against police brutality and mass incarceration, the demand for open borders and for immigrant rights and for the decolonization of Palestine are for us the beating heart of this new feminist movement.  We want to dismantle all walls, from prison walls to border walls, from Mexico to Palestine.”

I do not understand the Left. Why do they want convicted terrorists to be front people for them? If they want to have more credibility/ gain more adherents you would think they learned something from the election, that most people, not living in California, do not want such extremism but obviously not….

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