Former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who was held in criminal contempt for not testifying to the sham Jan. 6 committee, is now in talks with the Democrat-led panel about testifying after President Trump sent a letter agreeing to waive his executive privilege.

Here’s what President Trump wrote on Saturday, relieving Bannon of executive privilege and allowing him to testify before the “unselect” January 6th Committee.

“I will waive Executive Privilege for you, which allows for you to go in and testify truthfully and fairly, as per the request of the Unselect Committee of political Thugs and Hacks”

Here’s the letter of Trump first obtained by the ‘Post Millennial’:

“I write about the Subpoena that you received in September 2021 from the illegally constituted Unselect Committee, the same group of people who created the Russia Russia Russia scam, Impeachment hoax #1, Impeachment hoax #2, the Mueller Witch-Hunt (which ended in no “Collusion”), and other fake and never-ending yarns and tales,”  Trump writes at the start of the letter obtained by Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily.

“When you first received the Subpoena to testify and provide documents, I invoked Executive Privilege. However, I watched how unfairly you and others have been treated, having to spend vast amounts of money on legal fees, and all of the trauma you must be going through for the love of your Country, and out of respect for the Office of the President,” he continues.

“Therefore, if you reach an agreement on a time and place for your testimony. I will waive Executive Privilege for you, which allows for you to go in and testify truthfully and fairly, as per the request of the Unselect Committee of political Thugs and Hacks, who have allowed no Due Process, no Cross-Examination, and no real Republican members or witnesses to be present or interviewed. It is a partisan Kangaroo Court.”

“Why should these evil, sinister, and unpatriotic people be allowed to hurt and destroy the lives of so many, and cause such great harm to our Country? It has been, from the time I came down the escalator at Trump Tower, a political hit job against the overwhelming majority of Americans who support the concept and policy of Making America Great Again and putting America First. Good luck in all of your future endeavors,” Trump concluded.

Bannon, according to the New York Times, would likely testify behind closed doors, as all other witnesses have done before their testimony is selectively, and at times misleadingly, edited for public release. The panel is one-sided against Trump.

100 Percent Fedup explained it further:

Bannon was scheduled to be tried for contempt of Congress in several weeks, however, with this letter he is now allowed to testify while maintaining his consistency. President Trump invoked executive privilege due to Bannon’s role as chief strategist when Bannon was first subpoenaed by the Committee. Bannon was then charged with contempt in November 2021 due to his refusal to testify, under executive privilege.

Now, with executive privilege waived, Steve Bannon is free to testify and avoid a contempt trial, if he and the January 6th Committee can come to terms.

The January 6th Committee has abused their authority every step of the way, attacking unjustly President Trump’s current and former allies whom have nothing to do with the January 6th protests.

President Trump proves in this letter that he and Bannon have nothing to hide, as they committed no crimes.

Bannon’s trial is slated to begin on July 18.

Sources: 100PercentFedup, The Post Millennial, NYtimes

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