When it comes to the continuing WikiLeaks dump on the Hillary Clinton campaign, her only defense seems to be baseless claims that “Russia is behind” the hack. Even if that’s true… apparently, we’re supposed to believe that the truth about Hillary somehow isn’t true when uncovered by Russia?

As Wikileaks continues to damage the Hillary campaign, conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe has come out guns blazing as well. And how are liberals responding? By claiming that he’s funded by Donald Trump (to the tune of a measly $10,000)….. as if that disproved a single thing he’s found. And he’s found quite a bit.

If a Trump SuperPAC was exposed inciting violence at Hillary rallies, do you think the media would cover it? Of course – but when it’s Hillary’s camp exposed inciting violence at Trump rallies, the media is silent. Of – and O’Keefe blew the lid off some voter fraud plans the Hillary camp had (you know – that problem that liberals say doesn’t exist?)

Now, O’Keefe is taking Hillary to court.

O’Keefe has filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action Fund announced the complaint on Friday, alleging “a criminal conspiracy” involving the Clinton campaign, the DNC and three left-leaning super PACs.

“Journalists with Project Veritas Action Fund (‘PVA’) have uncovered a criminal conspiracy, where, in the words of Scott Foval, ‘The way that works is: The [Hillary for America] campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays The Foval Group, The Foval Group goes and executes … on the ground,” says the complaint, filed Tuesday.

“This has been done in a manner to evade federal election law and violating coordinate expenditure rules. This criminal conspiracy involves the knowing and willful creation of coordinated expenditures from prohibited corporate sources.”

Foval was until this week the national field director for Americans United for Change, one of three super PACs listed in the complaint, along with Democracy Partners and Priorities USA Action.

Americans United for Change fired Foval on Monday after undercover footage of him emerged saying he hired mentally ill people to protest at Donald Trump events.

In one of the clips released by Project Veritas, Foval describes how he convinces people to do “conflict engagement” at Trump’s rallies. I suppose that’s a nice way of saying “inciting riots.”

The man seriously said on camera “we have mentally ill people we pay to do s***, make no mistake.” The reaction he wanted? “The whole point of it is that we know that Trump’s people will freak the f*** out, his security team will freak out, and his supporters will lose their s***,” he explained.

Yet, whose the candidate accused of inciting violence by the media? Donald Trump, of course. Maybe it will take a lawsuit to bring the truth to light, since the media certainly isn’t going to report on reality.

And that wasn’t all.

O’Keefe’s organization released a second video Tuesday that claimed to show Foval planning to “commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”

Foval explains how he “thinks backwards” to avoid prosecution when planning to bus voters into Republican states during the clip.

The methods he describes include using shell companies for purchasing rental cars and mobilizing voters.

H/T: The Hill

The media will undoubtedly attack O’Keefe’s journalistic integrity, but he’s doing what they won’t. The man has exposed ACORN, teachers unions, medicaid fraud, and countless other problems. He’s been vindicated before – and that’s why the Left is panicking.

They are scared that Hillary DID violate FEC laws, and cheated.

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