One of the things that you have to realize is that no one person can spend too much time dedicated to more than a couple of things at once. You simply lose focus.

We all need to be good at something, but not too many things because we end up not knowing which one is more important. I knew a guy once that was a local lawyer and a politician that eventually had to choose between one or the other because he didn’t have the time to handle both of the jobs.

He was a much better lawyer anyway. That being said, the world we live in now is forcing us all to make some interesting decisions.

A Republican State Representative has given her resignation just three weeks after being re-elected to her position.

Christy Stutzman is an Indiana lawmaker and made a surprising announcement saying she was stepping down from her legislative seat very shortly after she won reelection.

In a statement, she said her resignation will be effective come December 14th. She represents much of Elkhart County located in Indiana.

tions ordered by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb which has crippled businesses.

Stutzman says she needs to give more time to her family’s business. She said the governor created “instability and difficult circumstances” for the business.

n a post, Stutzman said, “Now, with the recent round of new mandatory COVID-related restrictions issued by the Governor, with no input or approval from the members of the General Assembly our businesses and family have been set back further.”

She and her business partners bought the former Amish Acres tourist attraction that they renamed The Barns at Nappanee. Due to coronavirus restrictions, the business’ revenue has been greatly hindered.

They have had to let go of 30 percent of their staff and she says it’s not possible to run the business while also being a lawmaker right now.

“And so I started talking to my husband about it,” she told WSBT. “What if something worse happens? What if something goes bad, what would I do? but it wasn’t until this last executive order that I realized I am going to be needed here more than I expected. This is priority, my family is priority.”

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