It is probably no coincidence that just a couple of days after the Durham robe became a criminal investigation that we find out that lead FBI Attorney James Baker has flipped and is fully cooperating with AG Bill Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham. baker was a key player in the Russian hoax and he will have information on a lot of people. Don’t think he won’t be the last Deep Stater to flip. We are talking about a lot of prison time for those involved and at least a couple will not want to do the time even though they did the time. With any luck, Obama will name higher ups such as George Soros and the Clintons.

From The Gateway Pundit

Revenge is coming as an act of vindication and a strong statement that the real conspiracy against America, and against its government and values, was formulated and executed by the Deep State.

It is time to bring them all to justice, now.

This means draining the swamp and they will fight back—so be ready.

Well, you ask whom does this include? We tell the whole story in this book and name all the characters.

Let’s name names and start at the very top.

They need to go under the bright light. These persons at minimum need to be brought before the grand jury and then indicted.

Barack Hussein Obama was clued into and orchestrated this coup attempt as is evident from the Lisa Page emails and testimony. He permitted political spying  and weaponized intelligence.

He needs to be investigated and indicted, as do all the following members of his orbit and the gambit to destroy Trump in their treasonous Red November conspiracy.

Of course, we should presume innocence, but the facts speak to the truth. Durham now has all the facts.

John Brennan

He is the kingpin who started and framed this whole plan. His hands are dirty and his vehement attacks on the President underscore his active role. Now he is now caught.

James Comey

He lied, leaked and covered up. He was a signatory of the FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his associates.

Andrew McCabe

Liar and leaker extraordinaire, he was the FBI’s man in this conspiracy.

James Clapper

The DNI lied, leaked and furthered the whole Russia myth. He is the same person who brought us the Iraq WMD falsehoods.

Sally Yates

She was key to the FISA process and was behind the horrible effort to frame General Flynn.

Peter Strzok

He is the ‘operator’ who worked on behalf of Brennan to start the counter Intel operation and his actions and words are utterly despicable.

Lisa Page

The paramour of Strzok was implicated in every move and her anti-Trump emails are the evidence. She outlined the “insurance” policy.

Loretta Lynch

We all know what happened on that tarmac in Phoenix. She got Hillary Clinton excused and ramped up the efforts against Trump.

James Baker

He was the FBI bagman on the FISA warrants and gave the salacious and unverified dossier to Buzz Feed to publish in the first place.

Christopher Steele

This is the foreign MI6 spy who paid Russians to provide fake gossip and dirt for a bogus dossier that is at the very center of the entire conspiracy. He was a Trump hater.

Glenn Simpson

The Fusion GPS opposition research firm was the vehicle the DNC and Clinton used and paid to concoct the whole set of lies. They are the fomenters of the whole lie.

Hillary Clinton

She knew, approved and expanded the conspiracy after she lost badly in the 2016 election.

Nellie and Bruce Ohr

The wife was a CIA agent working with both Brennan and Fusion GPS to research and draft the dossier. Her husband was a top DOJ official who fronted it to the FBI and other outlets.

(The late) John McCain

So opposed to Trump was he that he and his staff took the fake dossier and ran with it.

Susan Rice

Obama’s NSA not only unmasked people illegitimately but had intimate knowledge of the entire operation.

Samantha Powers

Obama’s UN Ambassador was intricately involved in the operation, politicized intelligence, and unmasked many American citizens.

Ben Rhodes

Hillary’s flunky was up to his eyeballs in the operation and implicated in its outputs.

As I have laid out in considerable detail, and everything I said has proven to be correct, this was a Red November conspiracy against the President, not Russia gate.

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