The majority says Americans more divided since Joe Biden took office. He is more a divider-in-chief rather than an uniter.

More shockingly, people noticed it too, Biden is mentally incapable of being a President.

During his first day installed in the office, it’s pretty obvious that America’s doomsday is about to start. And after 9 short months, it did happen… Man-made disasters, all thanks to Biden.

Fox News made a poll recently and it shows that the majority of Americans believe the country has become even more divided since Joe Biden took office in January.

Also, less than half of American registered voters surveyed say Biden has the “mental soundness” to serve as commander in chief. So, whatever is going on, the people have clearly noticed.

If this pool doesn’t convince you, just look at these videos below how he laughs inappropriately. He frequently appears disoriented. He forgets where he is, the names of his cabinet positions, entire federal departments, and the people he’s appointed to run them.

The well-documented photos and videos can say it all.

Wait, there is more…

He lapses into nonsense in the middle of speeches. He lashes out at reporters. His vice president inexplicably talks to leaders of foreign countries in his stead.

His handlers never seem to want to let him speak publicly for very long — he’s told us so himself, on multiple occasions.

While it’s unclear why, exactly, Joe Biden constantly displays symptoms of at least some degree of mental incompetence, it is clear that the American voting public has noticed — and they have concerns.

When just over 1,000 respondents were asked, “Do you think Joe Biden has the mental soundness to serve effectively as president, or not?” only 49 percent replied “yes.”

Meanwhile, 48 percent said that no, the president of the United States does not have the mental soundness to serve effectively.

These were the results from Sept. 12 to Sept. 15. Several days earlier, between Sept. 7 and Sept. 10, 45 percent said that Biden was not mentally fit for the job — so the newer poll shows an increase.

It’s hardly been just the past few weeks in which Biden has displayed a disturbing degree of incompetence. It’s not just his actual job performance, but the way his administration has handled the ongoing border crises of its own making and the unsettling and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan alone are an indication that leadership is not what it ought to be in Washington D.C.

The examples are seemingly endless, but a modest sampling would have to include moments such as Biden falling upstairs:

Biden apparently getting lost on his way to the White House:

Biden apparently forgetting the name of the Australian prime minister:

Biden forgetting the name of the Pentagon, the defense secretary, and the person he appointed to fill this post:

Biden getting cut off in the middle of a live stream in August:

And again, just last week:

It’s not surprising that a president who was elected by a small margin in a hotly contested election would have approval ratings that split cleanly down the middle.

It is surprising, however, that nearly half of American voters actually think he’s not merely doing a bad job, but mentally unfit for the job.

To news junkies like myself who routinely track the possible evidence that the president is displaying symptoms of early-onset dementia, it’s hard to have confidence in the state of affairs when it’s impossible to ignore the glaring evidence of such potential senility.

But what does it say that Biden’s apparent cognitive decline is so glaring that nearly half of the voting public lacks confidence he possesses the mental soundness for the world’s most powerful position?

It’s a very sad state of affairs, that’s for certain.

Sources: TheWesternJournal, Fox News

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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    It seems that all of Biden’s comments and promises are blatant lies. I am surprised his popularity is as high as it is even if it is the worst ever for an occupant of the WH. More is needed than a mere impeachment; he should be indicted for malfeasance in office!!


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