Wow! Another great pretentious act by the Biden Regime after charter flights have been leaving Kabul.

A new look at Kabul Airport with Islamic Flags hanged outside.

The Taliban has been really open in giving permitted flights to leave Kabul after a first commercial charter plane had successfully left Afghanistan ever since the last American military service plane departed two weeks ago. A Qatar Airways flight with 113 Americans, US permanent residents, and holders of passports from other countries left Kabul and safely landed in Doha, Qatar.

On Thursday, the same plane has safely landed with humanitarian aid and was already prepared to depart with up to 200 passengers.

Some reports say that many are still hiding from the Taliban and many numbers could not make it to the airport so the Taliban swiftly added another permitted flight that is scheduled for Friday; however, the number of passengers is still unclear.

The greatest interests in these flights are because they are initiated by a “Trump Group.”

Surprisingly, the Biden administration seems to love to steal the credit. For the record, this was not their effort nor the State Department’s diplomacy.

“Rather, reliable sources that were involved in the negotiations, whom we cannot yet name, tell us that a Washington D.C. association called “Trump Group” facilitated the flights! They also selected the specific individuals who would be allowed on the plane.

Look at how the Biden administration strongly took credit of the effort.

After reports that refugee groups are still at hundreds, and possibly thousands, of green card holders have been left behind.

Trump’s influence seems to be really in touch with helping fellow American citizens. Still, a promise that he oat before and after he left the office.

The debacle of the President in Afghanistan couldn’t have been worse if they had tried perfecting the evacuation plan. But instead, they chose to just stop the buck and leave American and Afghan refugees behind. Shame!

Another effort that the Biden Regime would never attempt to try.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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  1. Original Anna

    Is the trump Group just a name for the group or is it sponsored and paid for by Trump since rescuing people is very expensive. And is the Taliban being given money for each person.


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