These lawless Leftist liberals have been spreading false narratives to support their “defund the police” agenda all over America.

But the more they spread lies, the more people standing up to defend the law and order of our men in uniforms.

And just before they’ve got their hopes up, one famous actor just spoke up to Black Enterprise Magazine’s Selena Hill and delivered a big dose of common sense on the idiotic movement.

Recently, Actor/Director Morgan Freeman spoke and shared his thought about the ‘defund the Police’ movement that became popular during the George Floyd riots and he says, “most of them are doing their job.”

“I am not in the least bit for defunding the police, and the Police work is, aside from all the negativity around it, it is very necessary for us to have them, and most of them are guys that are doing their job. They’re going about their day-to-day jobs and there are some police that would never pull their guns except in range, that sort of thing,” the actor added.

Watch it here: Youtube/Millie Lovelife

Morgan freeman’s voice got what it takes to speak out against this insanity.

This is not the first time Morgan Freeman defending the police, previously he has a history of supporting police and donated a million dollars to the University of Missippi to train police for better community engagement.

An icon doing his best and putting his money where his mouth is.

The police have been the most involved personnel in whatever the hell is going on in the country, if you defund them, you are just like removing them from the picture who have kept America a safe place to live.

Source: 100% Fed Up

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