If there’s one woman who is good at running her fat mouth, it’s Michelle Obama. Along with the left, she’s been hell bent on protesting Trump’s temporary migrant ban, and decided to speak about it in a recent speech. Even though no one really gives a flying crap what this woman thinks anymore, she still decided to put her two cents in, where then insanely told Muslims that America belongs to them.

But unfortunately for her, Michelle would soon soon get instantly destroyed for her stupidity after making an idiot of herself on the world stage.

“Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter, or like you don’t have a place in our American story — because you do,” started.  “Know that this country belongs to you, to all of you. From every background and walk of life. If you or your parents are immigrants, know that you are part of a proud American tradition . . . that has made us the greatest country on Earth.”

Watch her flap her gums below:

Don’t let her tears fool you. The Obamas has a plan to agitate the situation and undermine Trump long before the day of her speech, as we are now learning of a nation-wide organization called Organizing For Action (OFA) currently being led by her husband as a way to take down President Trump.

This woman will no doubt go down as the most anti-American First Lady in American history. And as she continues to spew off at the mouth and attempts to undermine our president, let us all remember her husband’s TRUE LEGACY which is the massive deterioration of race relations in this country.

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  1. JC

    Michelle Obama is a disaster like her POS husband! He should walk away before he gets his plow cleaned by real Americans for how he tried to ruin us. He failed his voters who idolized him but they were not his mission! He was and is a treasonous SOB !

  2. Old wolf

    If this doesn’t show you what kind of a racists bitch she is then nothing will . She’s a Muslim and wants to give our country to them … are you ready to give your home and country to them ???? Iam not . To any that still think she’s a good first bitch , your a fool for being so damn stupid to belive anything she saids . You can thank the obamas for all this BS going on right now in our country . They left it all happened and backed it all . Now they want another black women in the white house , another racists black women at that . But then she’s like joe with all the sex scandals going on and still the democrats will back them . But then look how they stood behind nasty billie boy and his cigar loving girl friend in the white house office . Makes one wonder how many of the delusional democrats visited the sex island with nasty Billie boy . Betting more then you can imagine . If their willing to let their pets kill kids , you know damn well they would rape them . The delusional democrats have no shame . Just look at turkey neck nasty Nancy . Shes make yall suffer to get what she wants befor helping anyone else . Shes the perfect delusional democrat to the core . The poster child for all snowflakes . Learn from past mistakes befor voting . we don’t need another racists female in the white house

    • Bob

      Old Wolf, you are so correct. Our First Amendment states that we have the RIGHT to worship God in the manner in which each of us believes is appropriate, but the Quran says that anyone that does not convert to Islam should be Killed. That makes the Muslim religion in DIRECT VIOLATION of the Bill of Rights.
      Of course killing the good citizens of the US is the reason the democrats want to take away our RIGHTS that are GUARANTEED by the Second Amendment. They want guns to be possessed and carried only by those that do not obey any laws.
      Another quote from the Quran is that it is OK to LIE to a non-Muslim if it helps the cause of Islam. So it is no wonder that the lying, murdering democrats like the Muslims so much.

  3. Tim Thompson

    Any photo of her seems to generate negative responses. She has taken many issues so far left and Muslims anytime measured have done more world damage with killing innocent people of all nationalities especially Muslims. Obama and her seem to always be supporting causes that have generally hurt America. This isn’t funny but I thought Joe Biden would have picked her for his VP but then again he wasn’t that stupid.

  4. yogiman

    ‘Michelle’ ain’t no she. Micheal is a he. Unless ‘she’s built differently than the women I’ve known in my life. If ‘she’s a she, why is ‘she’ poking out just below ‘her’ hips when facing the wind in a dress?

  5. Jim Nash

    Obama brought in tens of thousands of Muzzies during his reign of ineptness and corruption. They have proven many times that they will not be assimilated into the American culture. We should export any of them that disrupt anything and you can start with the two female cretins from Dearborn and Minnesota.


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