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When I was a kid, I lived near an Air Force base so the idea of their being planes or helicopters in the sky at all times wasn’t something that exactly was all that big of a deal to me.

Now, especially with the level that the government likes to watch all of us, if I see something above me it damn well better identify itself.

There is a reason that the government doesn’t want us to know certain things. It’s that if we end up knowing even the slightest thing we can eventually unravel the truth and expose the level of evil they are really up to.

The skies over Los Angeles have turned decidedly unfriendly. Various outlets that watch aviation comings and goings have noticed something particularly “spooky” going on. A trio of suspiciously dark helicopters have been circling the city. Everything about them raises questions and this rabbit hole just keeps going deeper. The bottom may never be found.

Those in the know hear the phrase “Bell 407” and say, “oooh super sexy!” They’re like sighting a Lamborghini. Skywatcher Chris Shaw spotted three of the nifty helicopters flying into Hollywood Burbank Airport, near Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, January 12.

Instantly the aviation community started chattering about the spookiness of it all. A while later, gassed up and ready to go, Scott Lowe caught a glimpse of two of them flying back out. One group noted, “This is unlike anything we at The War Zone are familiar with, the sightings immediately caught our attention.”

The first thing that caught the attention of the experts is the fact that the tail numbers are so darn hard to read. Painted in black on a dark gray background. Unmistakable is the high tech array of sensors bristling from the fuselage. The helicopters are “covered in antennas that one might expect to see on examples in use by military or law enforcement units.”

From what can be seen, “these helicopters each have an ‘egg-beater’ or ‘O Wing’ type UHF satellite communications antenna on their tail booms.” Not only that, they have “a pair of prominent blade-type antennas that are located ventrally under the fuselage, which are generally associated with high-frequency radios and other communications systems along with other smaller antennas that are also visible under the rear fuselage.”

Nobody knows who is operating these mysterious choppers, or why, but there are some interesting clues. These particular three helicopters have a fascinating “Chopperfax Report.” They started life with the intention to ship them to Iraq. If they ever were, which isn’t clear, then now they are back.

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