The president expressed deep sympathy for a loyal ally to America and told the world that all of America is praying for Mr. Johnson’s swift and full recovery. President Trump learned Monday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s battle with Covid-19 took a turn for the worse, and that he was transferred to an intensive care unit.

Americans are all praying

“Americans are all praying for his recovery, he’s been a really good friend,” President Donald Trump said at the daily coronavirus update briefing, calling Johnson “strong” and “resolute.” Boris Johnson “doesn’t give up.”

President Trump also mentioned that there are “four companies” working to rush “a complex set of drug therapies” into use for the Prime Minister. “I found Boris to be a fantastic person. He loves his country,” Trump emphasized, “He fought like hell for his country.”

It looks like those praying had an effect. The Prime Minister first tested positive more than a week before he had to be moved to the ICU. Now, he’s in a stable condition with good spirits, an updated report says.

Boris Johnson in stable condition

An update provided Tuesday, by a spokesperson for the PM notes that Johnson is under “standard oxygen treatment” and breathing without assistance.” After all the prayers and a whole lot of skilled high tech medical care, his condition is now listed as “stable.” The Prime Minister “remains in good spirits.” The best news is that he hasn’t needed ventilation and “does not have pneumonia.” Johnson is “receiving the very best care” at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London.

The top administrator was hospitalized on Sunday evening as “a precaution because he continued to suffer from a cough and a fever ten days after testing positive for the coronavirus.” His condition took a nosedive and he was sent to intensive care on Monday.

Who’s running the government?

While he’s laid up, Johnson named his Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, to act as deputy and do whatever is “necessary” but they have a little problem. “There is no recent precedent for a sitting UK prime minister becoming incapacitated for a lengthy period.” Downing Street assures the kingdom that Raab has “the support of government officials.”

“The Prime Minister has a team around him who ensure the work of government goes on,” Senior Cabinet minister Michael Gove, told the BBC. For now, Raab will sit at the head of the table in National Security Council meetings if any are called and he’ll “have the authority and ability to respond in the PM’s absence on military action.” He won’t be allowed to hire or fire any ministers though.

Johnson typically works closely with Queen Elizabeth. Obviously, his “weekly audiences with the Queen will not continue for the time being.” The Queen is praying for Johnson’s family too. She sent her personal regards to Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds who is expecting an addition to the family soon.

“Her Majesty said they were in her thoughts and that she wished the Prime Minister a full and speedy recovery,” Buckingham Palace confirms. The Duke of Cambridge also sent his best wishes. “Our thoughts are with the Prime Minister and his family, who like so many in the UK and around the world are affected by coronavirus,” Prince William sympathized.

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