Auditors in Windham, New Hampshire started testing if “folds in ballots” impacted the vote counts in the 2020 election.

If this whole thing new thing is true then it will impact the entire state of New Hampshire.

Palmieri reported this earlier today.

The recount of the votes was very close to the hand recount from November 12, 2020 election.

That means the voting machines are confirmed to be unreliable.

Jeff Silvestro is the President of LHS Associates, Inc.

LHS programs the voting machines in at least 4 New England States.
The President of LHS Associates has visited the audit multiple days since the recount and analysis.

If the machines are found unreliable this new evidence could affect elections in at least 4 New England states.

Heather Mullins from Real America’s Voice reported on this development.

BREAKING!🚨 Town officials use folding machines on absentee ballots they mail out. This now implicates machines statewide and any races folds went through. @RealAmVoice
— Heather Mullins – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) (@TalkMullins) May 22, 2021

test to see if folds in ballots impact machine count. -75 folded, & 75 flat ballots, will be filled in by 3 people, & run through 2 machines. -All 3 voting straight R for the House race. -Two voting straight R, one straight D, for the other races.

Windham auditors say that the fold effect might explain the discrepancies but there could be more going on.

The folding effect is large enough to account for discrepancies, but might not be all that’s going on. 75 folded ballots voted straight Republican. Only 48 votes recorded for them. Folds generated overvotes. This is the machine used on Election Day 4 most absentee ballots #NHPolitics

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Palmieri, America’s Voice

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