People collect things from where they work pretty much all the time. I remember when I worked for the phone company they would have these large spools of string that I would collect because I was always making things out of them.

Sometimes, folks hold things from where they work just because they might feel that they might be important to an investigation. Think about how many people have held onto office memos that were never supposed to make it out of the office that end up getting into a court case.

At the end of the day, there are people that know that something wrong happened with this election.

The more we find out about the election in Georgia, the more it stinks. There has been a lot of alleged cheating and dirty tricks, yet Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger has not carried out his responsibilities. He allowed them to add votes without matching up the signatures of the voters as required by law.

The latest scandal is the election authorities allegedly kicked out the Republicans and the media from the counting room.

Just a couple days ago, a video was put out showing alleged cheated in Georgia, that of which has been disputed by the left.

Many claim that the supervisor is seen on video running through the same ballots three times. Again, the leftist fact-checkers insist that all of this was legal counting.

Now, Sidney Powell has another bombshell:

Sidney Powell: “In Georgia massive evidence of the shaving of votes and flipping to Biden exists in the machines… They’ve been erasing things and destroying evidence as fast as they can do it. I have in my office right now a huge bag of shredded ballots. 

I can’t wait to see what that discloses… The people of America are not going to allow our president to be defeated by fraudulent election mechanisms. And these people have used every manner of voter fraud you can imagine. It was heavily coordinated.

It was heavily funded. They now have 25 lawyers up against us our little team of misfit toys who are trying to fight for truth and justice for the American people… We have scads of evidence… Mr. Raffensperger was flat out lying.

There should be a criminal investigation of him and his deputy secretary’s finances around the $170 million Dominion contract that was suddenly awarded in Georgia when they didn’t need a new system.

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  1. DonRS

    The level of TOTAL CORRUPTION committed by DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS in the 2020 General Election is simply STAGGERING. That deniers claim “there was NO VOTE FRAUD” are simply extending the strategy of THE BIG LIE to cover their tracks.

    If one can breath, stand upright, they simply cannot ignore the MOUNTAINS of evidence! Democrats will do ANYTHING to pursue their RELIGION – the WORSHIP of POWER!

    If the Democrats prevail, Venezuela, here we come!

  2. Robert

    The investigation in Georgia about the suitcases of ballots has been proven to be nothing that those so called suitcases were actually regular ballot boxes and the investigation by the State Law Enforcement and DOJ persons with both Republican and Democrat persons involved in that investigation. As of Monday 7 December 2020 over 1000 investigations of voter fraud accusations had been investigated by Local and DOJ investigators and not one bit of voter fraud has been found.
    The fact no accusation is ever evidence it takes an investigation to prove out the accusations, and the law says in a Presidential election it must be done with both local and DOJ persons involved and most states require political party persons appointed by both party leaders to be involved in those investigations.

    • Rattlerjake

      You’re the perfect example of an ignorant fool. I is not even worth the effort to detail why your comment is BS because if you can’t see the fraud and corruption going on then you do not have the ability to think rationally. It is fools like you who are leading to the destruction of this nation because of ignorance and stupidity, along with your devotion to the most corrupt political organization in recent history!

      People who think that these state/local investigations prove conclusively that there was no election fraud, then it is no wonder you believe everything else that the left tells you!


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