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A person doesn’t have to be on the job long to make mistakes that will cost a company greatly.

One of the trickier things about the office of President is that from the moment someone is sworn in, the President can immediately alter the course of the country. If we were doing good, with the stroke of a pen, they can reverse course and screw things up like you would not believe.

Look at the things that Biden had planned for his first day in office. By the time the sun went down on his first day as POTUS, the country looked drastically different than it did before.

President Trump has been a hero in creating jobs but now Beijing Biden is starting his goal of destroying the United States and costing Americans their jobs.

Over 140,000 jobs have been lost last month which is the worst its been since April. The economy is on the brink of a devastating shift and Biden continues his grip on Americans’ opportunities for success.

The unemployment rate has stayed put at 6.7%. These numbers were issued on Friday by the Labor Department and showed a lopsided job market.

Job losses are devastating in businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and entertainment places.

“Hopefully it is indeed darkest before the dawn,” said Leslie Preston, senior economist at TD Bank. “We’ve got the vaccine and the stimulus, which are imminent, and which we do expect to turn things around.”

1011 Now reports:

For now, the renewed surge in virus cases, as well as cold weather, has caused millions of consumers to avoid eating out, shopping and traveling. Re-imposed business restrictions have shut down numerous restaurants, bars, and other venues. Economists at TD Securities estimate that more than half the states have restricted gatherings to 10 or fewer people, up from about a quarter in September. New York and California, among others, placed strict new limits on restaurants last month.

New viral cases continue to set daily records. And on Thursday, the nation registered more COVID-19 deaths in a single day than ever before, topping 4,000. The virus is surging in several states, with California, the largest state, hit particularly hard. Skyrocketing caseloads there are threatening to force hospitals to ration care.

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