During Joe Biden’s speech, he tried to hit at gun owners and the Second Amendment showing more of his ignorance on gun ownership and the 2A. “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government? You need F-15’s and maybe some nuclear weapons. The point is, it’s always been the ability to limit, to rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned and who could own them.”

He also tried to hit at gun owners and the Second Amendment showing more of his ignorance on gun ownership and the 2A by saying “No one needs to have a weapon that can fire over 30, 40, 50, even up to 100 rounds — unless you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests or something.”

These lines were repeated twice during his speech but no mention of gangs or other root causes of crime…Typical Democrat.

According to Katie Pavlich “If the administration wants to focus on guns rather than criminals, they’re not going to get anywhere.”

Once again, Joe Biden is doing the bidding of the far-left with his policy.

This time, his supposed effort to cut down on the rise in crime across America targets guns, gun dealers, and not criminals. He completely misses the cause of the rise in crime and even has proposals that would coddle the criminals with proposed fluff “work programs.” Biden’s Political hack Attorney General is going after guns along with the rogue ATF.

According to Townhall, the Clinton Era Gun Ban DID NOT ‘Bring Down Mass Killings’ as Biden Claims.

Biden plans on strengthening regulations on “ghost guns” and “stabilizing braces” on guns. How do these two things have anything to do with the murder of so many inner-city blacks who are killing each other daily using handguns. Black-on-black crime is out of control in the inner cities, but Biden focuses on “rogue” gun dealers.

Biden is taking covid funds and using those funds for “summer jobs programs” for inner-city teens to keep them out of trouble. Biden says, “they can pick up a paycheck instead of a pistol.” Democrats are throwing away your money on fluff programs thrown at cities that shouldn’t have ever defunded their police departments in the first place.

Biden also wants to use the covid funds to pay for work programs for criminals once they are released from prison.

According to The New York Times, in Chicago, from May 25, 2020, to May 25, 2021, there were 818 deaths from 4,562 shootings.

Kevin McCarthy makes a great point about the blue states whose crime has skyrocketed…defunding the police doesn’t work:

Biden has also planned to end cash bail for criminals, which incentivizes repeat offenders. The revolving door where criminals are released soon after committing a crime needs to end, but Biden’s policy is not helping stop these repeat offenders.

Josh Hawley has a plan to beef up the police force:

Tucker Carlson guessed it right. Whatever is proposed by Biden will be another chance for the government to limit freedoms:

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Fox News

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  1. Lisa

    hey MR. biden, the “root cause” as heels up harris calls it is CRIMINALS, go after the damn criminals, not guns

  2. Wyatt

    Kids will pick up a pay check and not a gun ? Think again Joe (if that is possible) , they will pick up that paycheck then go see their friendly neighborhood arms dealer and buy a gun or two , illegally of course and then go shoot up their rivals .


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