Attorney General Merrick Garland said Monday that the Justice Department is exploring “all options” to challenge Texas’s restrictive abortion law.

After vowing to provide support to abortion clinics that are under attack in the state and to protect those seeking and providing reproductive health services.

Recently, President Joe Biden has sharply criticized the high court’s decision, had asked the Justice Department to explore ways to contest the Texas law. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also pledged to call a vote later this month on legislation that would enshrine the right to abortion into federal law.

That is just another proof of how Biden broke his previous claim that he is a Catholic devout by denouncing the Texas law as “almost un-American” and said it creates a “vigilante system” under which private citizens are empowered to police the ban.

After the increasing taxes, million more illegal immigrants funded by taxpayers, tens of thousands of Afghan refugees, higher gas prices, inflation, defunding the police, higher crime rates, higher unemployment, higher COVID numbers, more homeless? What are the Dems up to?

The most radical abortion law in the US went into effect on 1 September after the US supreme court did not step in by the 31 August deadline to block it, after an emergency appeal to the highest court, despite concerted legal campaigns.

Critics are now claiming that this was an opening the floodgates to harassing and frivolous lawsuits from anti-abortion vigilantes that could eventually shutter most of the dwindling number of clinics in the state.

No wonder Mitch McConnell did not want Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. Now it all makes sense.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The Guardian

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  1. stevor

    I’d gladly give him a list of people that I’d love being aborted:
    himself, hunter, o’bama, pelosi, clintons, schumer, soros, bush family (for their involvement in 911), mad max, feinstein, gavin, and a lot more that I’ll add when those are aborted


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