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When you look for a leader, you want someone that can do all the jobs at once to the best of their ability, but also know when to delegate when he has to commit more time to a certain task.

You can’t ask someone to know absolutely everything but you also have to wonder how some people can’t realize that some stuff is happening right under their noses.

For example, if you have a company where things are being stolen out of a storeroom, you can’t get mad if the owner of the company has an office on the other side of the building. However, if their office has a door adjacent to the storeroom, you have to wonder what else that boss isn’t paying attention to. Joe Biden seems like a guy that if he wasn’t involved in politics at all would be a nice guy to get along with at arm’s length.

The problem is that a bunch of lunatics thought it was a good idea to make him the most powerful man in the entire world…and his mistakes are going to hurt people.

There is SO much going on behind the scenes that probably only a couple of people know about. The rest is speculation.

Biden knows darn well he’s illegitimate. Anybody that was watching saw the election count stop at 1:30 am when Trump was winning. Pelosi told Biden not to concede under any circumstance. He’d be propped up as President. Trump was what the Presidency was when the United States started – a businessman.

He’s just a puppet, a tool. But he was under Obama. Obama and Pelosi are probably pulling his strings.

The National Guard is rotating out. New troops go in after a set of troops is done their duty. But why? Who or what are they guarding?

Trump was still in power, he probably ordered the troops. Are the troops there still to protect Biden’s administration? That razor wire is turned inward though, not the reverse. To keep people from climbing out, not in.

Are 20,000 National Guard troops there to protect Biden? There should be no need for that if he was duly elected. They were called in to protect Biden’s illegitimate inauguration. But the inauguration is done now. The troops should be called home, right?

And the Democrats as expected had them sleep in a cold parking garage in the northeast winter.

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  1. JC

    The Biden administration is illegitimate! He doesn’t really function and Kamala isn’t qualified for any government position especially VP.


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